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    Hi guys
    i was wondering is if there is a loan company the works with
    a a bit of bad credit due to my last divorce 3 years ago
    my ex ruined my credit she was supposed to pay her half off
    but she has just whent a way and no one has seen her
    i would like to get 36 inch cut lawn mower
  2. rodfather

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    Some of the guys here have used Sheffield in the past...dunno where they are based out of though. But I'm sure your equipment dealer will know how to get the ball rolling for ya. BTW, good luck and welcome aboard. :)
  3. rodfather

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    Down the road and when you get established, go to your bank and talk to the Small Business Loan Officer or who ever is in charge of handling revolving credit lines. It's great to have as a backup. You only pay interest (prime plus a small percent) on the money you have withdrawn at any given time.
  4. lawnman_scott

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    sheffiedl's website is
    They can approve you in about 10 minutes. It is not too hard to qualify for their financing. Most dealers deal with them, so they cna help you out, or if you want to be sure you can qualify, you can contact them directly. The phone # is on the website also. And the rates are very good. They usually have a 7.8%, or a 9.8% with no payment for 6 months.
  5. MMLawn

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    Sheffield is located here in NC just up the road from Greensboro, good company but they will require that you have good credit though.
  6. Pro-lawns

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    thanks guys

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