Final cut of the year!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by H & M Yard Improvements, Oct 1, 2012.

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    Same reason why I insist on running the same grade and type of oil in every machine is why I never change cut heights, that way I don't have to remember (or worse, forget) what height whose yard was last cut to, like yourself I used to play that silly game of this height for this and that height for that until one day... I went into one of my best lawns and before I realized what had happened, took a full two rounds at a whole inch below their regular cut height. I had no choice but to cut the rest of it way short, too.

    Then what happened, not only was it a lot more work collecting all the clumps but also rather than cut it again the next week I had to wait a full TWO weeks before it was back up to its regular height... Good thing it had not gotten really hot outside yet because that would have really done a number, but for this Charlie it was the final straw.

    Mind you, it wasn't necessarily this LCO who always insisted to have "cut it shorter" and shorter, short and shorter...
    In the end it also helps prevent that nonsense some, simply put I don't change my cut height at all, ever.
    And I don't care who asks, it just ain't happening, all my lawns get cut at 4" year in, year out.

    As for the final cut, I cut it for the last time when it isn't growing any more.
    (washes hands, grabs towel, dries hands, throws towel back on rack, waves at people, walks out)
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    Some where October 15 to October 31. Same height all year, 3.5".
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    Same here for height but with the last cut around Thanksgiving or even a little later, concurrent with their final leaf cleanup. Sometimes it's not until the week before Christmas or so, depending on the year. My accounts are in Zones 7a and 6b.
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    Most contracts end Oct 31 and we do cleanups until Thanksgiving, they sometimes go later depending on the weather. Last years storm on Halloween put a damper on cleanups for us.
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    I make my last cuts the last week of October. With the time falling back on Nov. 4th this year it works out just right for me. Being part-time I do most of my work late afternoon/evening after my regular job.

    I'll cut a half inch shorter on the last cut if I can.

    I send out a letter with the last invoice announcing the end of the season and I leave it up to them to call if they want it cut anymore. I get a call back every once in a while but not many. I'll do a couple of leaf chops in November for a few customers.

    I do some pruning and clean-ups and then I'm done. To be perfectly honest I'm ready to stop and get in a deer stand for some bowhunting.

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