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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Tremens, Aug 31, 2005.

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    I have about $3,500 to $4,000 to spend on a mower for my 1.5 acre property. I have done much research on the various mowers around this price range and have come up with 4 from which I should choose.

    42" Hustler Mini FasTrack w/ 16hp Honda = $3650
    44" Hustler FasTrack w/ 16hp Honda = $4350
    44" Simplicity Consumer Z w/ 18hp Kohler = $4000
    48" Simplicty Citation (homeowner used) w/ 21 Briggs Vanguard = $3500

    I originally wanted to find a used commercial machine, but have been unable to do so. Also, my wife likes the idea of having a warranty with the new machines. The cheapest commercial machine that I found was the Lexmark CT at $4850.

    I favor the Hustler's from the point of view that they seem to be built stronger than the Simplicitys and the dealer has been very helpful thus far. The Simplicitys, however, have commercial drive pumps and are slightly larger. I am fortunate that both dealers are within 20 minutes from my home and will be demoing both on Friday.

    Finally, to add a couple more things into the confusion... I need something that will be good on hills as I have a couple of somewhat steep inclines. I also will probably be moving within 5-7 years to a larger yard.

    I know that all of this has been answered many times before, but any help is greatly appreciated. Feel free to add any ideas that I haven't included.

    Thank you!
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    let me begin by stating my bias for hustler. i own a mini fasttrak 17/42 and could not be happier. the other brands you named are well respected and make excellent mowers. the simplicity's independent suspension would be something i would consider if my yard was rough. the exmark, being commercial, might be worth consideration if the hours are low and you can verify sevice. you mentioned your concern about warranty. the hustler fasttrak has a 4 yr warrany and the mini fasttrak has a 3 year warranty. the simplicity and exmark are warrantied for 2 years.
    imo- if i were buying for your size yard, i would go for a 48-52 inch cut with 20+hp. if you go with the hustler ft or mft you won't be sorry. they cut great, are built like commercial mowers, have a very low center of gravity making them excellent on hillsides, have great factory support (go to the hustler forum and read a while), and the best warranty. btw-your prices on the hustler sound like they are competetive. i shopped with several area hustler dealers and they are in line with the best prices i found.

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