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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by ClippersLC, Aug 24, 2005.

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    I have a Red and white 1983 4-speed automatic Chevy 4X4 with a 350 small block and a 8' bed, I used it when I used to install hardwood flooring. It has sat for the last few years in a enclosed garage. I got it started about a month ago and it fired right up, but i has a cracked Head GASKET, not head. on the left side bank. I have a new set of gaskets for it and a spare motor that comes with it, along with a spare front 4-wheel drive axle. the one on it is missing the locks in the hubs and also comes with a spare Transfer case, one on truck works fine though. it was always one hell of a truck when i drove it from 1995-2003, it never failed to start right up and take to where i wanted to go and back. it also has and extra heavy duty spring suspension package that was stock from when it was new. Body on truck is nice has some light rust on hood, and a patch of rust above the exhaust tips in the back on the sides (just behind rear wheels). I also have a brand new rear sliding window for it. I also have another steering column, extra tailgate, instrument cluster gauges, spare radiator. with a little TLC this truck could make someone a nice lawn care truck to start out with, and would also make a nice truck for someone who may want to completely restore it. Asking $1,000 Firm. Come on guys I am desperately needing to get rid of this thing cause I need the space. You could buy this thing and part it out and make a big profit. heck even if you just sold the spare parts that are included with it you could C.Y.A. no problem..., I just dont have the time for it. Send me message if you want pics. Call my Cell at 615-476-1333 for more info. Note the truck is located in Hendersonville. Thanks. :waving:

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