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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by cajuncutter, Aug 1, 2006.

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    Ok finally we got a new dealer in our area. There is only one problem, same distributor. These poor guys (the new dealer) I believe are facing the same headaches the last dealer faced.

    I had a pretty good deal lined up this week with my new dealer. I pretty much sold one of my units with the understanding that I would be able to purchase a Super Z demo. For the last month apparently the distributor had decided on a price and the dealer had even given a quote however the distributor wanted more hours on it before they let it go. Ok so now the machine is up in the 70's and the distributor is ready to sell. So I am thinking great I will line everything out. I get to the dealer this afternoon and he has this long look on his face. He goes to tell me that the distributor has someone down in Florida willing to pay about 1400 more than what I thought I was getting it for, I am in Louisiana. I have been thinking all evening before posting anything on this subject. I pretty much am throwing in the towel on Hustler. No it is not Hustler's fault and I am completely happy with the brand. I just am not going to take any more from this distributor. Just like the last dealer, parts take a couple of weeks to get in, took me over 2 weeks to get a set of blades. “I give” is all I can say. Unfortunately this forces me to go with the second best product line in my area and that is Exmark. This last 8 years with my mowers has been great and hopefully I will get several more years out of my current mowers but it is time to get a new unit and I need dependable service.
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    Something isn't right here.....
    The distributor for Louisiana and Mississippi does not set up or work with dealers or end users in Florida, Florida has a different distributor entirely.
    E-mail me the information on your dealer and I will look into this.

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    I think Hustler is losing more business than they realize because of these fly by night dealers and distributors. Hustler needs to have specific guidelines for there dealers and distributors to follow then you would not get so much variation among these groups. It all comes back to the old saying if you want anything done right you probably need to do it yourself, they need to put blinders on these dealers and distributors so they can keep them all pulling in the same direction and that is to satisfy the customer (no matter what it takes) this is what makes a top notch business of any kind. It is kind of like being in the Army if you keep everybody doing the same thing in the same way there is not a whole lot left to go wrong unless the mother company makes a bad decision and then they can except responsibility for there own mistake which will be a whole lot easier to remedy than to try fixing all of the dealer and distributor problems. It is just like with these efi engines it appears there is not one out of 25 dealers that even know what they are or they don't want to put forth the effort to learn to service them, if I was Hustler I would make every dealer that wanted to sell my mowers have one person trained to take care of the efi's because this is costing them a lot of money in sales of the best engine they offer. I think Hustler is a good company but are falling very short when it comes to the training and requirements of their dealers and distributors.
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    What is the deal with all the county co-op type dealers for Hustler? If you purchase from this type of dealer what are you suppose to do when you have a problem and need a knownledgable mechanic or warranty work? Lastly, can you recommend a quality dealer (ie someone who has an actual mechanic on duty) in the Tupelo, MS area?
  5. mowerconsultant

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    There are no fly by night dealers or distributors, you are really reaching with a comment like that, it certainly is not the case in this situation.
  6. mowerconsultant

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    County Co-Op's are a regular dealer and they do take care of the mowers they sell.
    I do not work with the dealers in your area or know them enough to recommend a particular dealer to go to.
    E-mail me your information and I will get it to our regional representative for your area and he will make sure your taken care of.

  7. robbo521

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    glad i read this because the only place for me is my local Co-Op.
  8. CottonPatch

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    I enjoy most of your posts, but you take one post and think that most of our dealers and distributors are not legit. We as territory managers try our hardest everyday to make sure our dealers are up to date and on top of every little matter. That is the way we have built the brand in Louisiana is having dealers that are superior and will go the extra step. As for CajunCutter, I wish he would reply to tell everyone if his problem was taken care of. I am not the rep for his area, but just remember there are always 2 sides to every story and we do our damndest to keep quality dealers. We firmly beleive as a distributor that the equipment is only as good as the dealer behind it. We sell our fare share of 28 efi's, but not everyone wants that engine. That is why we have choices of engines and different price ranges to fit what the customer wants, NOT WHAT WE THINK THEY NEED!
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    If your dealers and distributors are all so wonderful and follow Hustler's guidelines why is cajuncutter in this thread stating he is going to buy another brand of mower because he was not dealt with fairly by either the dealer or distributor, and I don't know which one caused the problem but evidently one of them did. You can take up for them all you want but I think you are smart enough to know you have dealers and distributors that are not up to the standards Hustler would like for them to be, if they were all as good as the people I deal with you would not hear as many negative comments as you do from people trying to buy the kind of mower they would like to have instead of the one the dealer wants to sell them because they don't have people qualified to work on certain Hustler products. You have people in any business including Hustler that are just what I call making 8, that means they are not really interested in their job but they have to do something to survive in this world so they get by the easiest way possible and a lot of time this is not putting the customer first. I think you realize if the people associated with your company are not putting the customer NUMBER 1 and this means you always satisfy the customer no matter what it takes, your business is not functioning to it's capabilities and the company, each employee and their families will suffer in the long run. I have heard to many times people say " I went to buy a Hustler but the dealer really tried to push a different brand on me because he said it was a better mower " if you don't like the fly by night description you can call them anything you want but I can tell you they are not a dedicated Hustler representative or they would have Hustler as their number one seller. You know as good as the Hustler mowers are and the reputation they have anybody should be able to sell them. I have sold a pretty good number of them and I am not in the business but it is not hard to sell something that does excellent work and you believe in 100%, anytime you hear negative feedback about a dealer, distributor or any Hustler company personnel you have a underlying problem that someone needs address.
  10. puppypaws

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    I see you rep Hustler and Scag, if you had a close friend that ask your opinion of which mower between these two you would buy personally what would you tell him, and believe me you have a preference whether you will admit it or not. This is the company you are most loyal to and the one you will do the best job of representing their product. I quess you could tell him they are both equal in every way, heads it's a scag or tails it's a Hustler.
    You know your dealers are not equal, some of them are excellent, some are fair and there are ones you think should not be dealers at all if you want to be truthful, now do you want to give us your HONEST opinion.

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