Finally,a use for black plastic edging...striping

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by NickN, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. NickN

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    Came up with a new material to stripe with.Black plastic edging.When I noticed how well the 21" was striping,I realized it was the flap,so with that in mind I tried to figure a way to mount one on the Toro Z.
    That's when I remembered I had some black plastic edging laying around.So,I looked under the mower for a mounting point.Luckily,Toro has a crossmember in the rear,so I could try it out without drilling.I simply snapped the round (top) edge over the crossmember and tried it out.
    Worked pretty darn good.Not as good as a roller,but better than chains.Only problem was that when going forward and having the grass cut at 2.5 inches and the "flap" being about 1 inch off the ground,it tended to slip backwards.So,I cut a slit in the middle,right below where the round top fits over the crossmember and installed a hose clamp and tightened it down.Now it stays in place and produces stripes.
    Also,this was the real cheapo plastic i used around some trees in my lawn.It isn't as stiff as the premium grade and bends when going over the lawn.It also has a slit at the top that travels the entire length of edging instead of being a solid top.
    Anyway,there's another way to make stripes.
    PS.I mounted a 2 inch schedule 40 PVC to the back of the deck,via anti scalp mounting points and it striped great.I see why everyone like rollers now.Didn't last long as the bolts I used mount it with started coming out.
    Oh!No pics,sorry.Home pc has to be completely reloaded(virus) and the camera batteries are dead for now.
    I'll post some ASAP.
  2. Tharrell

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    Yeah, flaps work. Here's a flap designed for an eXmark gear drive on my Bob-Cat. There's a small loop that runs across the bottom and I put some threaded rod in there with my drill.

    equipment 005.jpg
  3. Envy Lawn Service

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    The edging wiggles until it breaks though.... usually near the top...
  4. fga

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    cool idea, i'm gonna try that!
  5. ItalyEd

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    What type of eding is that and where did you buy it?

  6. all degree

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    HMMM I always used it for..........................EDGING

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