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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by toomuchtime, Jan 28, 2010.

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    Let me give you the run down.Ive been a bobcat guy so my heart was with them. So i took a trip to my local bobcat delership looking for a t300 or t320. They had zero track units on the lot and barely any inventory at that. I asked if they could find me a rental somewhere to demo they said they dont do that.Strike one. I gave the salesman my number told him im ready to buy and have cash.he said he would call me the next day. Three days pass. No call. So i called him said oh I lost your number give me another couple days I will give you a call.2 weeks pass no call. So i go back to the dealership go see the salesman.He says oh I lost your number. Jackass. says I think we may have found something for you I will call you in the morning.Two days pass calls me says I found a t300 at a repo auction doesnt have the controls I want or highflo says if he buys it im commited to to buy it before i see it and he will not sale me a extended warranty on it cause he does not know the service history. I give him a piece of my mind hung up called the owner and kindly let him know he just lost a qualified buyer what a disapointment.

    So I took a trip to the cat dealer. From the minute I walked in the door they were phenominal. Showed me around spent a good 3 hours with me on there ctl mtl line. Demoed three machines 297c,287c and a 287b.

    I ended up with the 287B just to sweet of a deal to pass up. 2007 1400hrs xps,ac heat, advanced controls every opition that was availible on the machine it has it. They put brand new cat tracks and a under carriage on it. Also came with a brand new 84" smooth bucket,72" tooth bucket and set of pallet forks.
    They gave me a onsite powertrain and hydraulic warranty of 1500 hrs or one year. Out the door for 30K.

    They c series was very nice. Between the 87 c and B i felt about the same power wise. Biggest difference was the new pressurized cab and a few changes to track system in simple terms gives more flex for a better ride. Lowest I could get them on similar equipped c was 45k. I just couldnt justify the extra 15K when they were giving me such a good deal on the b.

    I pick it up tuesday ill post some pics.

    Thanks again guys.
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    Congrats on the new machine, i love our 287b, i like our 289 better though. Be careful with the 72" tooth bucket it is six inches narrower that the your machine, it could possibally damage a track while digging. Good luck and congrats.
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    Wow that's a good Cat dealer!

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    Cat is always on the ball
    but my bobcat dealer is great also
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    stickpro: thank you for the insight on digging. This was one of the first purchases in my life that I didnt go out and break the bank buying the latest and greatest lol.Boy was the wife happy lol. If the 287b doesnt work for me I will trade it in for the 297c. It was just to good of a deal to pass up. Im sure it will work great for me. We will see and I will keep you posted.
    stuvecorp: lol I will get some pictures up when I get her home. Cat was not my first choice but I figure with the warranty and the fantastic service it was hard to go wrong they also have dealerships with full parts departments and mobile mechanics just in San Diego alone.This experience has opened my eyes I guess maybe it is the economy not sure. Bobcat were dicks,I called Deere they had zero Acts at all and acted like it was ordering Ferrari saying same thing if they ordered it I had to purchase and the closest taki dealer is 8 hours from me. So realistically there was not much of a choice.
    yellowdogsvc: I broke my own rule going back there a second time. Thought ah everyone has a bad once in while but this was not the case. If they don't act like the want my business I will not beg.
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    Keep us posted on how it goes. :)
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    Yea hopefully someone at BC reads this forum. With all of the good sales guys who are out of work and kicking cans, this guy must be one of the lucky shitty ones who still has a job. I would have done the same and went elsewhere.

    Sounds like you got a fair numbers on the CAT, with a trashed undercarriage they bring about 15K sometimes more sometimes less. So the worst case assbeating would be about 15K. All things considered thats probably acceptable to most. I would be very carefull of the warranty. Meaning I would read carefully. I hear of many guys who found the warranty as it pertains to the undercarriage very subjective. Use verse abuse seems to mean different things to different people. I would just be familiar with the fine print before your machine is in pieces at their shop and then you start having a heart attack at what they want to put it all back together.

    good luck with it.
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    congrats, post some pics!

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