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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by 06HD BOSS, Jan 25, 2008.

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    Well ive been in this field of business since i could walk. My grandfather and uncle ran the biggest landscaping business in my area from back in the 50's untill my uncle sold it in 1996. Their yard was 20 steps off my back deck and i would be with them from sun-up to sun-down everyday. When he sold it i was 13yrs old and by that point i had operated every piece of equipment they had. When i was legal working age i worked for another local landscaper, that lasted a few years till i could see how bad he was screwing his customers. So at the age 19 i started work at a garden center / nursery. Im now 24 and im the nursery stock manager (which bascially means any plant material on the lot is my responsibility...from ordered all the way down the ladder to watering & ultimately planting). Why the long story lol :dizzy:. Ive known my whole life landscaping is the thing i wanted to do. And ive finally decided to bite the bullet and go on my own. With the knowledge ive aquired through the short but fast 24 years of my life i know i can succeed. I came up with the name Scenic Landscaping, give me your thoughts whatever they might be :cool:

    Sorry for the novel lol.
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    Good Luck! I like that name...
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    thanks raven
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    Is that boss hog from the dukes:drinkup:
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    with 116 views i was hoping to get a little more input

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