Finally demoed a SCAG Cheetah today......REVIEW

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by StihlBR600, May 16, 2012.

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    That's something I learned a long time ago- never trust any dealer completely. Most are just wanting to move as much product out as they can. They always ship mowers from the factory to the dealer with the tires over-inflated since many of them come in with the rear's strapped down with banding iron, and they don't want any damage to the tires while the bands are still on. Your stripes look great BTW.
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    I am with you here Jason. Why in the hell would somebody be cutting at 4.125? He is cutting the same type of grass that we cut and 3 to 3.5" is the typical summer cut height for northern fescue. I have never seen any mower leave a smooth carpet like cut at that height. The picture of the stripes above makes the stripes look good but look how shaggy the actual cut looks.
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    one thing i've noticed on this site is most of the time when people complain about cut quality they are cutting at 4" or higher. that's probably the main reason they are having problems. i know up north you cut it higher but not that much higher. 4" or more is rediculous. try 3" or at least 3 1/2".
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    yeah tire pressures are never set right when you buy something new. i think my mower was at like 25-35psi like yours. that's one of the first things i check soon as i get it home. 12psi is much better. :laugh:

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    I run 10 psi in the back tires. I also cut at 4" in some yards and It looks good and help the yards.
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    That eqp. looks ok for someone just starting can always upgrade later. :rolleyes:
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    Is there any "trim side overhang" on the discharge side with the 60" deck??

    All to often, today's mowers have the deck offset so much that the discharge side of the deck is flush with the width of the rear tire.
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    To eaches own, I live in a rural area in Ohio so most people don't even think of having weed control. What grows is what grows and here you have LOTS of clover, dandilions, chick weed, nutsedge (spelling). When I mow places that are loaded with weeds I mow at 3.5 because the one think that looks really bad is when you mow a place high and it doesnt even take off the white flowers of the clover and dandilion stems (ewwwwww I hate them!).

    On the few yards that Im lucky enough to mow that have fert program and weed control I mow at 4.25" because

    1. Stripes are soooooooo much darker (look at his pictures)

    2. If you mow to short you get the brown look which seems to come at 3.5" in a really good yard.

    3. Grass will be healthier if its cut long like this. The shorter you cut it the more stress you put on it.

    4. flying seeds (suck as dandilion seeds, the white puff balls I like to call them) have a harder time making it to dirt when grass is left long.

    I just had the pleasure to drive through one of the nicest sub divisions in our area (about 45 min from my home, hadnt been through it before). About 100 nice homes and I dont think any of them didnt have fert and weed control done. These yards were so freakin nice and the stripes were insane dark. Just simply picture perfect!!!! Get into the rear of the division and guess who it is??????? Brickman........... Anyways, got to chattin with one of there employees and asked them a few questions about there enclosed trailer setup because i was looking for ideas. after a few I told them I was blown away at how good of a job the exmarks were doing and couldnt believe the stripes they were laying and guess what he said................. "mow high dude". Sounded funny the way he said it because it made him sound like a stoner but I knew what he meant. I asked him what heights they mow and he said in that sub division they mow 4"s unless the customer asks otherwise.

    Like i said, to eaches own. It was neat getting to see one of there 24ft trailers up close and personal. They definetly have everything covered and thought of in those trailers!!
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    The yard in that picture is just rediculous. I actually cut that yard at 4.5 inches. Theres just no way i could cut that yard at 3.5 in. It would be brown and i would be there for 4 hours bagging it. The customer absolutely loves the way his yard looks so if hes happy im happy. But there is not a single weed on the entire yard it is picture perfect.
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    Again guys I am not knocking it at all it just seems odd to cut that tall because nobody cuts that tall around here and we have the same types of grass. A good portion of this area the people have there lawns treated and unless it gets super hot and bone dry you don't see lawns brown out here. Almost nobody here has irrigation either.

    This is my own personal untreated lawn that I cut at 3".


    Customers at 3"


    This one was super early in the year cut at 2 3/4


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