Finally demoed a SCAG Cheetah today......REVIEW

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by StihlBR600, May 16, 2012.

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    I grew up right near the area that the OP is in, and still get back that way often, and I can tell you that not many guys there cut at much over 3.5" as a rule. There are exceptions, but not many. I can also tell you many of the HOA's in that general area have restrictions on how long/tall you can leave your lawn, and most are 3.5" or under.

    This is part of my back yard, and it was cut at 3.25". Picture was taken about a month ago. It looks even better/thicker now-The angular stripes that are showing through are from the previous weeks cut, are still very noticable, and were also cut at 3.25

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    That yard is just ridiculously sick:clapping: May have to try a higher setting myself to experience this look but you can see the richness in the stripes
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    I cut 90 percent of my lawns at 3.5 inches. Only lawns that are perfect sod i cut at higher heights just because they grow so fast that if i cut it short it will look like hell and ill have to triple cut it.
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    BR, if you cured the situation with the bouncing and the deck hanging all the way up then disregard but if not...I also adjusted my deck and eliminated this happening at all. Lift your deck up into the highest setting (transport) then adjust the turnbuckle on the right side until your deck hits the rubber bumpers , then let it down just a tad about 1/4". That will give you up to an extra inch of height before the deck latches depending on how yours was set when they assembled it. It will throw the blade height off a little according to what your actual setting plate says but no problem to get used to. And in fact, I didn't measure it to see but it just may be right.

    As far as fuel consumption with the 36 Vanguard, I had to mow that other lot we have and it took me a while to get over there to get it done. Had to mulch thick stuff about 10-12" tall again. The Cheetah wasn't empty when I finished but I went ahead and topped it off on the way home since it was on the trailer. 6.4 hours on the meter and I put 11.31 gallons in it and had gas running down the sides of the tank. That's 1.767 GPH over 6.4 hours with at least 3 hours of that mulching 10-12" high grass. And for those that didn't see my other post with pics there is one below. This was severe mowing conditions for any mower and running a mulching kit should burn more fuel on any mower on any lawn as opposed to side discharging. So I would think that the 36 should come in around 1.5 GPH or less depending on the load you put on it.

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    I had two cheetahs to demo one had the 31 kawa , seemed to have a lot more power than the other engines. Also demoed an exmark. To me the scag seems more substantial. Replacing a jd z830A. JD wasnt a bad mower but the couldnt get the hydros right
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    Yes that is the great thing about the big Vanguards. They use less fuel than the big Kawis and Kohlers no matter the cutting conditions.
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    I wonder if we're comparing apples to apples. I think Kawasaki is the only brand using the corrected hp rating. In other words, a Kawasaki 31 hp is 31 hp or at least very close. A Briggs or Kohler, still using old 20% off hp rating, 31 hp may actually only be a 28 hp which could explain the better gph? From my experience I would say this is the case for Kohler. I don't know about Briggs. The Vanguard I have on my Z Spray and all the threads I read seem to make me think the Briggs are using the newer hp rating. They seem pretty powerful.
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    That's animal abuse. LOL
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    Same here. Almost all my lawns are at 3.5 and I have a couple at 4.25 that grow like crazy.
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    Briggs Vanguards have always been beasts when it comes to power.

    If I had to guess, a lot of that has to do with its power band. All to often, I see torque PEAKS on the 2000-2200 range on ZTR engines. Maybe Briggs realized that raising that torque peak about a thousand rpm would make the engine feel more powerful in its normal operating rpm of 3600-3750 rpm.

    Now if they'd just efi them!
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