Finally demoed a SCAG Cheetah today......REVIEW

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by StihlBR600, May 16, 2012.

  1. mowcrazy

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    These are just a few of the places that I mow at 4.25". They always turn out way better when cut long. To eaches own, and by the way this was done with a scat tiger cat.

    Any treated yards I mow get mowed at 4" or higher unless customer wants it shorter but normally after they see the way there yard looks mowed high, all I ever here is keep doin what your doin.


  2. snow4me

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    Those look great...what model, deck and engine combination are you using to get those great results?
  3. mowcrazy

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    I appreciate the "attaboy"!! Actually they are Scag tiger cubs with the 61" velocity deck and 25hp koehler engines. They are 2 years old now and last year they got rid of the name tiger "cub" and now they are tiger "cat". I cant say enough about them honestly. They are small and compact so for a ztr they don't take up much room on the trailer, they cut better than all the other brands ive owned or used (exmark, toro, bobcat). PPl always want tons of power on there mowers but we only do weekly cuts so Ive NEVER had these mowers bog down.

    both of them have right at 1000 hrs on them now and the only thing ive done to them breakdown wise was both of them broke the hydro belt around 750 hrs. Other than that, not a thing wrong with them. they still run as good as they day I bought them.

    I know some are gonna say "theres no way" but we cut these yards sometimes early in the day when the dew is moderate to heavy and get these same results. When we had the other brands, we couldnt have started mowing anywhere close to that early in dewy grass.

    Once again thanks for the compliment!
  4. mowcrazy

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    here is another I snapped yesterday. Another treated yard I mow at 4.25".

    I cant mow that high on 90% of the places I mow though because most folks around here just let what will grow grow. Those I mow 3.5".

    If I werent so afraid of getting the brown look I would mow one of these same places on 3.5" and everyone would see what I mean. It just takes the rich green look out of a lot of yards when you mow that low but not all yards. Ive got a docter that lives across the street from me and he mows his grass low. Prolly 3" or so and it looks FANTASTIC! but that guy fertilizes the piss out of that yard to. I mean way more than the average person puts fert down. but it does show, he has one of the best lookin yards in the county. When he gets done, his yard looks like carpet!! LOL

  5. youngr

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    fyi cheetahs now are available in 48in and 54in. my dealer just got 2 of each in.
  6. USMC1153

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    I purchased a Scag Cheetah this year at the beginning of March, with the 61" Velocity Deck, and the 31HP Kawasaki engine. I mostly mow commercial church properties, and 1 in particular has some slightly steep hills. This is the best I can provide you with mine.

    When I ride perpendicular on the hills it isn't so bad as long as the ground isn't wet or I'll slide slightly at the ends when I make my turns to cut the other direction. Or I'll slide a little if my speed is too fast when I hit a bump in the ground.
    When I go up and down the hills head on it does pretty good, I have the throttle up and go slowly up the hill, because I can hear the extra strain I'm putting on the mower when I am climbing a hill. I have had no issues with tearing grass up, or damaging anything, but just the sliding when ground is damp in early morning or after rains.

    Hope that helps,
  7. StihlBR600

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    My dealer said that 80% of the Cheetas hes sells is to homeowners which i couldnt believe. Thats why SCAG is making a 48" and 52" model i bet.

    There is one thing that the Velocity deck cannot do! cut backwards! when you cut backwards it leaves a thick line of clumped grass a little left of the center of the deck. Ill take some pictures of it tomorrow so everyone can see what im talking about.
  8. TLS

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    All of your open front decks cut poorly in reverse.
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  9. Prosno

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    I recently purchased a cheetah used from a good friend, mind you I've run scag ever since they came out in the market starting with their 3 wheel 61 and a 18 hp briggs.
    I have two wildcats and just bought the cheetah to upgrade and I must say I'm impressed as hell. I wont compare to exmark because I've never ru one but compared to my wilcats I love it on hills, and the cut is impressive.
    I am running aftermarket blades right now that came with the machine, just wondering what blade would be best to run on it, any suggestions
  10. TLS

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    Factory SCAG blades that came on the mower are nice blades with about perfect lift.

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