Finally did it- My first bore under a driveway

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by CAPT Stream Rotar, Aug 15, 2014.

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    I would like to say first of all that this is the second time I've been around a bore shot. This is my first time of being at the machine control. My helper showed up late, I was rushing to get this done and in my haste I shot the bore a little deep. I started the bore without using the guide bar. I will never rush this process ever again. I would also like to thank Brandon @ Tom's Creek for showing me this process7-8 years ago.

    My brand new reaming attachment straight from ditchwitch of New England

    My "catch hole"
    When I was digging this I was nervous that there was some clay in here, but the bore blasted right through it.


    Using the plywood prevented me from trashing the guys nice grass

    The connecting rods, I used a full rod for the initial push and then a half rod to get through.

    This is where the rods snapped into my machine

    Remember I showed the reamer in the first pic. This is what it looked like after the back ream. I don't think I can return this :). On a sidenote boy it was hot to the touch!!! Also a picture of the Chinese finger which we pulled a 1'' poly and a 3/4 line just incase for the future.. I firmly believe in putting spare lines when possible.



    Pipe going in

    She was about 15 inches deeper than my incision on the other side.

    Starting to pack up

    And the final

    I learned a lot from this job.
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    Baby steps Eddie. We all take them!

    Nice job!
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    Rookie question, what keeps the bore from collapsing over time and the driveway settling and cracking?
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    That type of boring does not remove dirt, it compacts the area around the bit. You have to worry more about making a "speed bump" especially with asphalt on a hot day. Looks like Eddie went deep enough to not hump the drive.
  5. greenmonster304

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    Nice clean up! I popped up in the middle of a driveway with my missile one time.
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    Eddie good job. ***** finger probably needed for a driveway. For walkways one can just screw the borer into the end of the pipe.
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    On coming out deeper on the other side. A little bit angle can mean a lot of difference. The angle of the dangle is important. You already know this just a reminder to level out as much as possible on entry.
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    Nice job Eddie on your first bore. I have always enjoyed doing bores because of the challenge involved. I would like to offer a few tips when you do a bore. Some you may know- some you may not.

    Always get a locate for utilities and you should check for private stuff like outdoor lights, downspouts and such. Most of the time utilities will dictate where you will bore and which way you will bore.

    Always do all your bores first. You will find that you cannot make every bore you try. That way you can design your system with the bores made and not where you hope to make them. Trust me this will save you some time and headaches.

    This is the most important tip yet but I see most people trying to bore fail to follow it, as you did in the picture. Your boring trench is way too short; it needs to be a lot longer. You need to have your rods lying on the bottom of the trench, not up in the air like in your pictures. ItÂ’s all about the angle. Your shot will always go deeper if you bore like this. The key is to start off level and stay somewhat level as you push the rods. And to add rod every time a rod goes thru. And no matter what, never have someone stand on the rods to hold it down, use the tool. You have a big disadvantage using a 255 because you have to hand dig the boring trench. Using a trencher is way faster and easier to setup your shot.

    When boring under asphalt deeper is always better. Hitting a rock can push up the asphalt and make a speed bump. Or worst deflect your bit up thru it. Always have your helper standing on top looking and feeling for this.

    Boring under concrete always bore at an expansion joint. If you bore somewhere else it may not crack when you bore it but most of the time it will crack at some point. Again deeper is better.

    It is always better to sleeve a bore than add extra pipe.

    Back reaming a hole can sometimes be a lot easier by adding water but that depends on your soil. Using water will lessen your chance of a speed bump or a crack but it is messier. Just try not to overdo it. You mentioned that your back reamer was hot. It is possible that you had the back reamer spinning the wrong way. You would think that since you are pulling it back that you would go in reverse but you need to spin it in the same direction as you went thru. You will know if you are doing it correctly because the back reamer will be pushing you back and you move with it and not dragging it back.

    Lastly take your time; screwing up a driveway is a profit eater and higher insurance rates.

    You had posted a problem with the 255 a few months ago. Here is the link of that post.
    I assume you got it fixed .What was the problem?
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    As I have mentioned before, the boring rod can be located using a 521/800 locator. Set up an earth return and connect directly to the rod or if using the pro 800 one may use broadcast to pinpoint the drill stock :)
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    That's the softest rock I ever darn seen!
    Congratulations on a good bore! :clapping:

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