Finally Frozen Tundra

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Oct 14, 2002.

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    I don't know if I am happy or sad but it finally got down to 27f last night. Froze it right tight. Now we will see the end of the growing season and the leaves will begin to fall in mass. I had an unbelieveable year of growth. I just went thru the books and looked at last years cuts and skip weeks and I can't believe how much more I had to do this season. That is a good thing.

    The funny thing is that this time last year found me well into leaf cleans. I will probably just get started this week. I still have some lawns that were growing at 3 inches a week, last week!

    I just hope that the leaf pick up season extends itself far into November. The quantity increases every year but the time to pick em up seems to stay short.

    Anyone else in the colder climates in my shoes??

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    Up in Thunder Bay (3 hours north of Duluth), we got snow squalls yesterday. It made leaf clean ups and tree trimming a little tricky. It started out great enough and I thought of getting my kayak into Lake Superior for an early morning paddle before work, than at noon, it started coming through. It didn't stick though.

    Today's Canadian Thanksgiving so I'm able to thaw out my hands.

    I had a great growing season, still cutting up to this past weekend, but this is the earliest, I've ever seen snow. Last year, we didn't get any until the week before Christmas.

    ...maybe I will put a plow on my truck afterall.
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    We had our first cold day here in North Carolina. Not as cold as you guys are talking. But cold enough to make my warm season grasses go dormant.

    As for the leaves here, they've been coming off little by little for a long time now due to the severe drought we've had. It's been a very poor growing season around my way. I've been enjoying the best growth I've had since early spring. The cool season grasses have made a comeback!


    How do you like those Tanaka trimmers?

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    I have a Tanaka TB250 and a stihl.

    I like the Tanaka for the price and the "Brain" trimmer head. It doesn't really have the power for attachments but for $399 Canadian (about $240 USD) I find it good value, reliable, lightweight and well balanced. The dealer in my city is great to deal with as well.

    I primarily use my Stihl with a brush blade and thats about it. Its far to heavy to use as a trimmer, especially on small lots.
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    Thanks for the input. I may consider one of those sometime down the road. New things don't catch on well around here. I've only ever saw them at 2 places. One was a single closeout unit, the other was an active dealer.

    Let me tell ya, everbody carries Stihl though. Lots of people buy them too. They go by how good dad or grandpa's chainsaw was. Nothing much new has a chance to catch on. That is unless you can get it down there at Wally World :dizzy:

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