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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nobagger, Sep 10, 2005.

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    I mow for a guy I used to work with, he is a used car manager for a big Ford dealer. He owns a property we were mowing and come to find out his Son-in-law is an owner for a major developer. So to make a long story short he hooked us up and I called this guy and the owner says Yeah I was waiting from a call from you, just drop off your card next week and I'll drive you around to look at the different properties and I will get you into a few HOA's and start you off with some smaller developments and go from there. This is BY FAR the easiest way I ever got a major (potential customer). Any advise?
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    The only advice I can give, is do good top quality work. besides that enjoy the work.
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    bid it right not to get rich but bid it right so that half way thru the season you dont start hateing to go there because you aint makin enough money to justify it.give him an "ESTIMATE" for the first time with the option to change your price before the second cut.and most of all get a contract.have fun good luck.
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    advice #1....."Don't count your chickens..."

    advice #2.....Don't price based on "You'll get this property & that property..." Price each on their own merits so that you will make a profit on each!


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