Finally got my new mower!

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by SkinnyVinny, Oct 22, 2010.

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    What kind of fleet are you talking about?

    The reason I ask is if you get the 32" it has different size blades...

    Go ahead and get a 36" and a 52", as they use the same blades. Thus, making maintenance easier. What we are moving to is standers up to 52" and 60"+ will be riders. I like the scag/exmark full size and the standers below that.

    On quality of cut: the quality is better with the fixed deck standers, but you bust blades, spindles, and it is PITA to change deck height. I cut almost entirely one height per day.... So no biggie for me. If you change a lot I'd recommend the 36RH mower, and some mulching blades (whether or not you are mulching). Check the deck pitch as well, as standers tend to be set up for weight distribution rather than deck pitch. I believe it should be around 1/4 inch higher at the rear of the deck for a positive pitch on that mower. Go to a level surface, check with a level, and then set the deck height by adjusting the linkages. Then continue to check PSI every day after you mow. Your tire pressure really affects it a lot.
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    I don't think that at all. My RH cuts a hell of alot better than the fixed deck I demoed.
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    Let me rephrase that. In average mowing condition, set from the dealer, the fixed deck unit works better. BUT! the RH has a nice level cut if you're not just cutting in the plains :hammerhead: Lol. The RH has its benefits, but striping wise, the fixed deck worked better for us. My metro is a beast too. But you can set an RH to stripe right. Was it wort the upgrade? jw btw

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