Finally got paid from deadbeat customer

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Raymond S., Feb 1, 2011.

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    Long story short. Had a guy call up last summer who was headed out of town on his honeymoon and realtor called him up to show his house. Grass hadn't been cut and he asked if we would do it. I knew the house and agreed. Said I'd do it for $60. He said, "man, that's great I'll definitely get ahold of you when I get back." I said "No need, I"ll send the bill.". Well, that was July. I called multiple times, sent the bill multiple times and every time it was the same old story. "My wife just sent it out." Finally I gave up and said I would turn him into collections. That didn't help. Now it is JUST $60 but I decided I was done with people not paying. So, I found an online debit recovery service I believe called RNS, or something like that. Turned in the information and invoice (now mind you there was nothing in writing from him agreeing to the work). Their minimum charge is $50 so I was going to make a whopping $10 when all was said and done. Well low and behold I get a check from his old lady today for $60. I couldn't help but laugh. Now I have to send a $50 check to the recovery service but atleast this guy didn't get his grass cut for free.
    "Oh, you're not gonna pay huh? **** me?....No **** YOU!"...:cool2:
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    Anytime I work on a property that is listed with a realtor, I make sure that the realtor knows about all bills. They will get them in the closing if the house sells.
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    I agree. Run it through the realtor!
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    Guys, some of you may be doing business in a county that has a free court Mediation Service. You may be able to used the system to resolve collection problems.

    Most people think “mediation” is just for family law matters but there are many jurisdictions throughout the country that have Mediation Services for other kinds of disputes. Check it out, if you have such a service, go ahead and open a case naming the slow payer as defendant. This is not small claims court and it should be a free service. The party that owes you money will get a “Summons” in the mail informing them that they must appear before the Mediator to discuss their slow paying habits.

    The customer knows they owe you the money and when they get the official looking letter from the Mediation Office they will usually pay up immediately. When they do you call the Mediator’s office and drop the case. Every things good at that point. If they still don’t pay, you’ll have a leg up in small claims court because you have already gone through mediation.

    The whole process takes about two hours and if you can’t spare the time, get your office help or bookkeeper to do it. I have done it several times because I take it personally when my clients don’t get paid.

    Happy collecting. . .

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