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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SummitLawn, Apr 8, 2004.

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    I finally got paid. I had a fall clean-up for 2003 that I quoted for $500.00. He told me to come whenever I wanted. We get started and realize that I actually underbid this job, but I sucked it up and just hustled a little more. I leave a bill in his mailbox and take off. The next day he calls me and tells me that I needed to come back and finish up. I politely told him that I was done and that he needed to pay me. He swears that I missed a huge part of his yard. I told him I would meet him the next day. His neighbor and him share a large mulch bed. It prolly holds 50-60 yards of mulch, so I bid on 1/2 the bed. He tells me that I need to do the whole thing and im like hell no. He says he's not paying me until I do. I was like I will do it for $150.00 extra and he says no. I said you need to pay the bill or I will have to get my lawyer involved. He keeps telling me I need to do it and I walk away. I sent him numerous certified mail bills but no response. I finally got my brother who is my lawyer involved and I guess when my brother told him what he was involved he said he would send a check right out. I got the check today! haha it's not much but it's the principle.
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    now, just make sure that the check clears

    Whenever I have a past customer that I am fighting with money over I tell them that the only type of payment that I will receive is a money order.
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    You're lucky you have a family member who's a lawyer otherwise the cost of hiring one would outweigh the price of the bill.
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    I also just got a cheque in the mail from last fall. I tried a different approach to collecting this time. My old way of sending nasty letters saying that I'm going to take them to small claims court if you don't pay never worked too well for me. All winter I sent "friendly" reminders that she is getting charged intrest for her outstanding balance with no resonse. I send her a letter asking if she would like my lawn services again this spring and stated that I have picked up 2 more customers(which is not true) on her street so she knows if I don't get my cash her neighbours will know she is deadbeat. I also asked if she would kindly take care of her oustanding balance before I start cutting. With her cheque I got a note saying she misplaced the original invoice (yeah right and the 3 other reminder letters). Of course I won't do any work for her again because next fall she will pull the same old thing on me again.

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    Three years ago I had a guy cutting my 3 acres for me and he did one final cut at end of year. I did not see him around and come spring he cut again and I got home and saw grass cut and could not remember if I had sent him a check or not. I immediately mailed him a double payment with a note saying I thought maybe I still owed him for a cut but if not to please buy his crew a few beers on me. Money comes and goes, a good landscaper is not worth losing over a few bucks.
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    Can you please find me 100 people just like you to work for.
    I finally got a check fom a guy yesterday that coverd the last month of 2003 mowing and an aeration. Not a huge amount, but $200 is $200 this time of year.:drinkup: :drinkup:

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