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Finally made a decision


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Olive Branch, MS
In 2008 I was fortunate enough to buy the empty lot behind me. It's 1.6 acres. Added to my existing 1.6 acres this gave me 3.2 acres to deal with. The front yard of my place is professionally sprayed and fertilized. The back yard and the new lot are not. The back yard is heavy grass and slopes gently down to the lowest area which lies in both the back yard and the back lot. The back lot is just heavy, thick field grass that gets really tough to mow when it doesn't get cut regularly. This low area becomes a running river over to my neighbors pond when it rains and it stays wet for several days (and sometimes a week) after a rain. When we have a wet period like we did throughout last spring and summer it could be several weeks before I can get out there and cut the back yard and back lot.

My 11 year old Great Dane Surfer has done a great job on the front and back yards for 5 years, but using it to cut the back lot was a mistake last year. It doesn't have a floating deck and only a 1" adjustment on cutting height I ended up trashing all three spindles and spending over $1,000 on repairs. I had to get something that would cut that back lot and even the back yard if I'm not able to get out there and cut it because of endless rains.

I wanted another ZTR and looked very closely at a number of them but especially a Bad Boy Lightning but my sense of frugality, (OK, I'm cheap) wouldn't let me spend $8-9,000 on a brand new ZTR. I've owned a pre-owned ZTR and I just felt like I was constantly nursing it so I didn't want to go that route again. Then I looked at ATV mowers like the Swisher and the Kunz. I felt like the Swisher wasn't beefy enough to last a long time and I had almost decided on the Kunz but my cheapness rose it's ugly head again and I just had a hard time paying almost $5,000 for a one trick pony. The search was on again.

I was checking Craigslist and I just happened to see an ad about an equipment company going out of business. He had a picture of several tractors but one of them, a Ford 1510 with a finish mower really caught my attention. I talked to him about it, drove it and had an older friend of mine who knows a lot about tractors (and who also has a Ford 1310) check it out. The guy made me a deal for the tractor, 5' finish mower and 5' bushog that I couldn't refuse. The 1510 is a 23 hp 3 cylinder diesel with 20 hp at the PTO. This one has 767 hours. It is also set up to take a bucket or a blade on the front. With this, I can use it to mow the yard, the back lot and even take it out to our hunting land and set up feed plots with it. I think I'll be pretty happy with it. I won't be able to cut as fast as with the Great Dane but I'll be able to go everywhere I need to. Here's a pic of my new baby!!

Ford 1510.jpg

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Rochester, MN
I like it. Congrats.
Dad used a Ford 4000 loader tractor on the farm. Lasted forever. Your's will too.