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I'm making this post for other homeowners that have done tons of research like I did, and want to read about someone else who had the same decision to make.

Little back story:

I'm a homeowner. I've got about 4-5 acres to mow with the zero turn, another 5 or so in the back that I bush hog. I've got fenced areas around the house, and another fenced area around my shop where we keep a small horse. I've got well over a hundred trees on the back property and probably 30 in the front and side, but the front is mostly a big open pasture of flat ground.

I started this out thinking I would spend 3000 bucks and get a nice mower. Like others, I quickly realized this wasn't going to get me much of a mower. So as my budget crept up in price, I came to the conclusion that I'll get the best mower I can, and since I'm only using it a couple hours a week, it should last me a very very long time.

At first I narrowed it down to the Bad Boy mowers, because I thought I would get the most for my money. I figured I would get a 54" cut since my trailer was a 5' wide and I thought I'd save the hassle of getting a new trailer that the mower would fit on. I actually had placed a $2000 deposit on the Bad Boy Outlaw, with the upgraded grammer seat, 810cc Vanguard, 4400 series transaxles, and 54" cut.... But that changed.

During my extensive research, I looked at everything. Scags, Bad Boys, Hustler, Ferris, Gravely, exmark, grasshopper, Dixie choppers etc...

I narrowed it down for a few reasons...

Grasshoppers/Dixie/ferris/hustler were out for me. I wasn't impressed with any of those, I didn't feel like they had the quality and parts that the others had.

Exmarks were next. The idea of their proprietary engines and transmissions meant parts would be hard to get and that it would be hard to work on myself if I ever needed to. I always thought of exmark as the base line standard of mowers, but I quickly saw they're headed in a new direction and I didn't like it.

It came down to the Gravely, Scag and Bad Boy mowers for me.

The scags I had heard so much about, and really liked the deck. I went to look at them, and found out most of the new scags have smaller motors than other companies offer, and weaker transaxles. I found the cheetah had zt3400s, and a 690 kaw. It really turned me off because I felt I could get more for my money elsewhere without paying for the scag name.

I liked the gravelys from the beginning, but when I looked at them I felt they were out of my price range ($9000 max) because the 260 was almost $12000.

That left me with the Bad Boy, which like I said earlier I placed a deposit on.

After I placed the deposit, the dealer calls me a week later saying the seat was back ordered, and it would be another 3 weeks. During this time I was starting to second guess myself. I felt like the dealer wasn't attentive to me when I was a customer, which made me question after purchase support. I felt like the Bad Boy mowers weren't as good of a deal as they seemed, because if you finance anything (I put a few thousand down and financed the rest) they charge an 8% fee.
By the time I got the base outlaw with the upgraded seat my out the door price was $8500 and some change. After I gave them cash for my deposit, over those next few days I just didn't feel good about the purchase. I felt like if bad boys were so great, there would be more commercial guys using them. The 8% fee didn't sit right with me, and I felt like I was compromising on the transaxles and motor.

So.... I found out from my research on this forum, that gravely does this thing where they have fleet pricing. You get 20% off of MSRP, and certain dealers have 2 days a year they can offer this to everyone, not just if you buy multiple mowers at the same time.

I didn't sleep at all that next night. I felt like for nearly $10,000 dollars I shouldn't have to compromise much and I was hoping the bad boy dealer would give me my money back without any hassle. I went to them the next morning, told him I couldn't wait 3 more weeks for the seat and wanted to go another route. They refunded my money without any issues.

I went to the gravely dealer (2 miles from my house) and asked about the fleet discount. To wrap this story up, I decided to sell my old trailer (took one day on Craigslist) and buy a 6.5x16 tandem axel trailer that my tractor would fit on anyway. After I bought the trailer, I went to the Gravely dealer and Bought a 2016 Gravely 260. Kawasaki FX850, Hydrogear zt5500s, 60" cut with suspension seat. I got this monster out the door for under $9600!

I couldn't be Happier with the decision. I felt like I got the best mower for the price, with the best local service center.

I've got 2 hours on the clock, and will post a review after I do the first oil change in a couple weeks.

Thanks for all the help.




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good luck with that thing let us know if your double or triple cutting


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Congrats on the new mower. I hope it serves you well for a long time. My neighbor has a 260 and likes it a lot.

By the way, if you thought Grasshopper, Ferris and Hustler didn't match up with Gravely on quality, you must have been looking at the lower end models of those brands.

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