Finally made a software Quickbooks today.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Grits, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Grits

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    You may or may not know that I have been debating this software thing for a while now. Gopher or QuickBooks. Today I overcame my indecisive manner of being and bought QuickBooks Simple Start 2007. Mainly because it is only $90 at Wal-Mart! I have been thinking about trying it out for some time now. I have been messing around with it and I believe it will be the perfect software to start out with. It appears similar to Gopher Basic, which is 2 or $300. I have demoed Gopher and like it very much but I found it hard to drop 300 bones on it, especially at this time of year....but I need software..NOW. So for the $90 gamble, I thought it worthwhile to check out the QBs. I think it should work for me. You can track expenses with it, which is what I really wanted to be able to do...along with of course, invoices. It is also VERY user friendly as is Gopher. I will keep you informed as I continue to use it.
  2. Prestige-Lawncare

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    I will be using Quick Books in '07 as well ... and look forward to your updates. My brother, who was a custom home builder, bought it for his business ... but stuck with Quicken because he knew it somewhat, and he is about as computer savvy as a 95 year old grandpa who has never seen a computer.

    I think what he has in Quick Books Pro ... and since he is going to give it to me .. the price is right.

    Let us know .....

  3. Clear-Cut

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    you can get quickbooks pro 2006 for about $105 i believe, on ebay brand new..just so you know...although with walmart i dont think you can get a refund on software

    TURFLORD LawnSite Senior Member
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    You'll probably have a headache by the time you're done setting up customers, items, custom invoice, company info, etc, but I highly recommend going all the way and setting up your checking accounts too.
  5. Complete Lawn Care

    Complete Lawn Care LawnSite Member
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    I have been using QuickBooks Pro since I started 4 years ago. I can't imagine being without it. I think a good accounting program is the FIRST equipment any business should buy. I would recommend accounting software before you purchase your first mower, trimmer or blower. QuickBooks gives me everything instantly. How much I owe, how much I am making or losing, how much customers owe me, it prints checks, it emails invoices and statements (for an extra cost), and I can look at reports comparing everything to last year or previous years. It also does payroll, and payroll taxes. That alone pays for the program instead of paying a CPA to do it. My CPA uses quickbooks also, so at the end of the year, I back up to a cd and bring it to him, and he has everything he needs for W2's and all taxes.
  6. Clear-Cut

    Clear-Cut LawnSite Senior Member
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    that pretty sweet...kinda makes me regret buying lawnpro instead of quickbooks..i plan on upgrading to QB pro next season anyway
  7. JB1

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    just remember you'l only get out of it what you put into it, take some time and learn it, maybe take a class on it, its a great tool, just take your time and have patience. get it all set up right and it will help you alot.
  8. lawnpro724

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    I have been using Quick Book Pro since 98 and as business keeps growing it still handles everything I need. The only thing I would change about it is to ad a scheduling feature but thats it. You can set it up any way you want it and ad services as your business grows. You can track - vendors, estimates, invoices, time, purchases, and print proffit and loss statements and much more.
  9. Josh.S

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    Will quickbooks print route sheets, and invoices with every time the lawn was serviced?

    I still haven't decided on what software to buy.. right now I'm just using an access program I made.
  10. Complete Lawn Care

    Complete Lawn Care LawnSite Member
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    As far as I know, Quickbooks will not print route sheets. But there are routing/scheduling software that will integrate with quickbooks. And yes it will print invoices whenever you ask it to. You can memorize invoices, checks, payments, etc. and tell it to enter these automatically, or to remind you when to enter them.

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