Finally My New Exmark Pioneer S Arrived

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by MJB, Aug 20, 2013.

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    Hey Mick, The coil wire is the spark plug wire, black wire with the boot over the spark plug. Like RG said, if you take 1 wire off while the engine is running well tell you if that coil is bad or weak. If it starts sputtering after you remove it, then it is still working. If the engine dies that means the other coil is bad, or weak because it won't provide enough spark to run the engine on 1 cylinder. If it sputters but keeps running put it back on the plug, and pull the other plug wire off and see what happens. I like to do this when it's acting up , running rough, because I've noticed coils that are going bad go bad slowly maybe over a few weeks. Change the coils runs great.
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    That' says it even better.:clapping:
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    Ok, cheers guys! Its friday and I dont want to go near the bloody mower again until next week! I will mess around with those spark plug wires then though. cant hurt!

    Ive done a little work this morning, let it heat up and idle and it "seems" to be idling better since I tightened that connection. I think! Will know better next week.

    Another issue, probably related is that when I go from idle to full throttle, quickly, theres a splutter. Its fine once it all catches up. If I move the throttle slowly, no problem.

    Oh Friday, how I love thee! Count down from 10 and Ill be sitting in the sun, having a beer and listening to some tunes!
    Ready…10... 9…8…….
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    Hey buddy, all the Kawi's do that when going from idle to WOT quickly. it has something to do with the emissions I was told. Mine has always done it since new, but like you said, go up slower to WOT and no problem. Have a drink for me mate. It was in the low 80's here today. yesterday barely touched 60, if it even made it that far, and the days before that have all been 60 or below as well. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the lower 70's with more rain (it has rained a lot here lately), then back to the 60's.:dizzy::dizzy::dizzy: Holy shiznit batman!
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    MJB (and anyone else that wants to chime in),

    I'm a new member with minimal experience on ZTR mowers. In the past, I've used Kubota tractors to do the vast majority of the work being done. Now, I find myself needing to get a ZTR to reduce the amount of time I'm spending mowing our fields - The primary use for the machine will be in mowing fields that were recently (5 - 10 years ago) horse pastures. The fields have been gone over many times with our tractors/brush hogs or MMMs, but now that there are houses being built on the land, most 'lots' being ~5 acres (3-8 acres are the primary sizes).

    I'm mowing my own lot (7 acres) and my father's lot (2 acres), and my son wants to start a small business wherein he wants to mow a couple of the neighbors lots (3-6 acres) - a couple neighbors have already talked to him about mowing using the tractor. All the lots are very gentle slopes, relatively few trees, with 'pasture grass' being the prevalent growth. We aren't as specific to making the lots look manicured or nearly as cultured as the examples I've seen in many photos on here - our current quality threshold is a brush hog. =) Our focus is on reducing the time mowing, so any quality improvement is a bonus. I'll probably mow once every two weeks except during the 'heavy growth' period in Kentucky wherein I'll mow once a week. However, if this works out for my son, I'd like him to have the opportunity to have a decent quality machine for doing more professional work that does have a higher quality look. I've included a photo of our fields as a point-of-reference - the photo is of my back yard, taken from my house. This is prior to hitting it with a brush hog, so the grass is fairly tall (I think this is about 1 month to 6 weeks growth, last year).

    I've been seriously looking at the Bad Boy Outlaw 61", but came across your post about the Pioneer S. Since you have experience with both mowers, I wanted to get your opinion as to what you believe would be best for us and our situation. I know your Outlaw is a 2010, and I believe they've changed some of the modeling since then, but figured you'd been keeping up with the developments and had good compare/contrast knowledge.

    Thanks in advance for the information and advice.
  6. handcuff

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    As an addendum, my local dealer (less than a mile away) carries both the exMark Pioneer S and the Bad Boy Outlaw. I'm in Louisville, so there are other dealers close enough to view, but these were the initial focus. I did have a Gravely rep contact me suggesting I look at GMLC's write up on the Pro-Turn 452 - based on the feedback I've seen on here, I'd be open to evaluating their products also (assuming they have a dealer that isn't phenomenally far away).
    Thanks again,
  7. ProStreetCamaro

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    How often are you going to mow these lots? If you plan to let them get deep and then knock them down I wouldn't use a ZTR do do it. These mowers are finish mowers not intended to be used as bush hogs. You can do it if you have to but I wouldn't do it on a regular basis. If you plan to cut every week or every other then a ZTR would work great. With lots that big and wide open I would get a diesel 72" but it sounds like you are looking for a cheaper mower? I would seriously look into a scag with the velocity + deck. That deck handles rough cuts like you are describing very well due to the wide open deck design and the huge discharge opening.
  8. whiffyspark

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    For that many acres and what you're cutting look at a 460, hustler super z. Or any Scags.

    You'll kill a pioneer. I'm usually the first one to say mid grade is fine. But you're in a different situation
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  9. Ridin' Green

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    That kind of cutting is what bush hogs are made for, but if you plan to eventually do finish work as well........

    I'd look at ZTR's that have at least 27 true HP and open design decks for cutting stuff like that. The Exmark decks are too tightly baffled to be in the running for that kind of cutting IMO. Gravely is a top choice and a first rate company. JD decks will handle that type stuff well, as will Hustler's VX4 and the Scag Velocity +. There are plenty of reports about the VX4 having windrow issues if you are looking for a clean finish left behind, but the deck will sure take that stuff down alright.
  10. handcuff

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    Thanks for the feedback, and our goal would be to mow every week for areas immediately by the house, every two weeks for most of the rest. It's a yard, but not a manicured lawn right now. After a year or two of working on it (regular mowing, seeding, etc), I think it will become more of a softer/plush lawn. Anything that's less often than that (i.e. the back pasture) would be done with the bush hog.
    I did look at the diesel Kubota, but can't justify the cost - I have a Kubota tractor, and if I were wanting to move in that direction, I'd get a bit bigger tractor and a batwing bush hog...I've thought about the 72 inch, but thought that the maneuverability of the 54-60 inch may be better than the additional cut width of the 72. Still deciding on that.

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