Finally... our first new ACC installs

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, Apr 18, 2007.

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    Went out today to install our first new Hunter ACC controllers at a site. First one took about 2-1/2 hours for us to mark the controller wires, demo the old controller and then install the new ACC. Second one took us only about a little over an hour since we learned from the first install. Amazing thing was that the 120v and controller wiring conduits matched up between brands so we didn't need to do any additional work on them. Of course we ripped out 15-year-old Irritrol MC-Plus-A controllers and not the newer Plus-B ones that are different.

    What amazed me was the amount of interior space in the ACC cabinet that accommodated our 14 gauge field wiring with room to spare.

    We hooked up the Hunter ICR remote receiver to the Smart Ports (3 second job) and then walked around the site firing different zones to make sure we had the wiring correctly sequenced. This was our first time using the ICR out in the field and I was pleased that there were no blind spots even though the controllers are located inside a block building in the pump enclosure.

    Here's some pictures.

    Crestwood Hunter ACCs Install IV-01.jpg

    Crestwood Hunter ACCs Install IV-02.jpg

    Crestwood Hunter ACCs Install IV-03.jpg

    Crestwood Hunter ACCs Install IV-04.jpg

    Crestwood Hunter ACCs Install IV-05.jpg
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    I take it you raised Controller A, good job on not having a ugly coupling showing.

    Very clean.
  3. Uranus

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    Nice clean work. Glad to see someone cares about appearance.

    We all have seen some nice spaghetti inside the boxes
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    Actually both the new controllers' bottom edges of the cabinets are at the same height of the old controllers. The ACC cabinets are just a little bigger than the Irritrols, especially in width. The ACCs have two 2" knockouts for controller wiring so you could use both/either of them for conduits on large systems. We used the left 2" knockouts because they allowed the cabinet to center up on the 1/2" hard conduit for the 120v electrical supply.

    Thanks. On most things we try our best because we're the ones that have to look at it and work on it in the future. :laugh:
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    Thanks... I should of taken a picture of the wiring on the left controller that has 33 control wires and 1 common wire connected to the modules. There's enough space that I could easily run another 20+ 14 gauge wires into the cabinet without crowding things.
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    Is it your intention to get the school district to take advantage of some of the advance features such as central control, et ect..... saving money and water, how much more environmentally friendly can that get?
  7. PurpHaze

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    With the new laws taking effect in California in a couple of years regarding SMART controllers and ET-based watering the district will eventually be dragged screaming and scratching into compliance. With all the modular ungrades available in the ACC line (that just plug into the existing controller cabinet) I'm setting the district up for central controls, ET-based watering (whether through CMIS, internet weather reporting or onsite/district-wide weather stations) and 2-wire decoding well in advance to make the transition a little easier. However, I'll be long gone by that time and someone else will be able to run with it. :)
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    I know this is off subject purp but my assistant Henry and i were discussing your nickname (purphaze). He says it is a drink made with sake. i say it is from the J Hendrix song. We need to know before you ride into the sunset.
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    " 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky...."

    I was in junior high when the song came out and with the first name of Hayes friends started calling me Purple Haze. It just kinda stuck all these years. Even some people I know today (usually those that experienced Hendrix) just call me Purp or Purple when we meet.
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    I think the school district doesn't realize what kind of an employee they have, somebody who realizes something and is pro-active vs re-active, in the long run saving his employer money.

    But don't worry, somebody will come along and screw up everything you've done, all in the name of saving some Mula.....

    Did you have to discuss this option with anybody or was it something that you put in for?


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