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  1. We have had rain here since late last night and it has been pouring for about the last hour. Scheduled for more tomorrow. I'm still cutting every other week until May 1, but at least my every 3 week cuts should go back to every other week. It has been dry all winter long down here. It rained I think 2 times from Novemer until last night, no joke.

    Good to see some rain again!
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    Most of the southern US and both the coasts have been in a drought situation
    for at least a year now, about half these areas as long as 2-3 years.

    And it may not look too bad, seeing how more than a few areas are D0-D1 but
    I am in one such area and I sure would hate to see what D2 and worse is like,
    abnormally dry is bad enough in my opinion.


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