Finally received new Cincinnati laser to build Tedbrakes Mowers.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ted corriher, Sep 20, 2012.

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    On your website, you have pictures of BadBoy mowers showcasing your product. So, my questions is; why showcase your product, which you believe in 100% on a sub par machine. The reason I say sub par, is because of your statement above. Seems to me you should consider using another product to showcase your design if you are going to trash them. I have absolutely zero experience with BadBoy and probably never will, but I do know that promoting a new business by trashing others shows a serious lack of tact.

    Good luck with the new design...

    For every lawn that needs to be cut, there are several companies willing to do it. The same can be said for mowers, its going to be hard to compete with the tried and true companies, unfortunately BadBoy may be one of them?
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    Mabey yall could cut out some decks for BOP and get em of their butts.
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    Probably because he said he was a badboy dealer, so I'm sure he wasn't going to buy a new exmark to make his commercial.
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    Yea, i but you did. Smithfabnc can tell us all about that.
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    I was thinking about that a while ago when I first posted at the top of this thread. That's been quite a while back too. Just shows that what you do in life can make people remember with you a long time, good or bad.
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    Ha! I remember that ordeal, he is still around from time to time, perhaps he chime in.
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    TC could build the bentley of ZTR's, i would never buy from him based on what i learned about his character on his business dealing from that ordeal.

    It is what it is, today its all about efn the consumer well not for me. People need to be held accountable both business and personal and till we the consumers do that consistently we are always going to be treated as fools.
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    Maybe I'm missing a couple pages to this past story of his. Can you recap his story for those that don't recall it?

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