Finally saw a BB Outlaw in person today!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassman177, May 15, 2010.

  1. grassman177

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    i know this thread will be heated, but i had the chance today to see a couple of BB mowers at the local Feldmans farm etc store, like TSC but bigger and better .

    I thought it was a well built machine and really liked the seat, wow, it was uber great and cushy. it was on large springs like the scags are i believe.

    it was very long, especially in the rear as the engine deck was sticking out pretty far which without operating i could not tell if it would be an issue or not. i liked the deck height manual mechanism but would prefer a hydraulic or electric personall but the design was nice and easy.

    i really think this mower should stand the test of durability and easy to work on and maintain,

    with a dealer i would consider trying one of their models when i came time to upgrade again, but not without superb dealer support. a company with more than one crew can not afford to deal with anything less than an excellent dealer with loaners and great mechanics and parts availablity. the dealer makes all the difference in the world.

    i wish i would have had the camera, but was on a mission to get a new stihl chain saw bar and was there to get rain jackets for the crews as we have had to work in lots of wet weather and poor babies were too wet and cold:laugh:
  2. R & R Yard Designs

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    You know that you got a rain jacket for your self
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  3. badboyshow

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    I ran a BB Outlaw for 3 hours this past week. The seat is wonderful to sit it, all though once you sit in the chair you can not move from side to side far to dodge a few tree limbs. You were secluded of moving. The riding was wonderful with the cut. We have a pup 48" mower and I was full speed on the pup while my Dad was on the Outlaw and he would get me by 20 feet easily to the end of the road. We were going roughly 30 yards I would say. The ride is very smooth even without there suspension. I have a 52" lighting with suspension and we have the suspension seat on both of our riders the 48" and 52". The Outlaw was better then the suspension. I had a hill that I tried it on as well and I was capable to stop on the hill and turn to go around the tree. Also we mowed in some wet grass well damp and the deck was clean and looking very well. Well I don't want to write to much, but if you have questions on it feel free to write. Gladly talk about our next mower we will be buying after the exmark commercial 21" mowers.
  4. grassman177

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    seriously no, i refrained as i like rain and have been back country for weeks at a tiime. weather does not bother me like most. i sweat so much anyways the rain is nothing.
  5. LibertyFarmLandscaping

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    I am lucky to live close to Retrodog. My new Outlaw 54" (replaced a 52" Tiger Cub) I bought from him 2 weeks ago has 44 hours on it, and one of my guys hit something and bent the spindle housing. With this being a new model with a different type of spindle from the AOS and Lightening he did not have the part in stock.

    He had an order of new mowers in the next morning with 2 Outlaws. He took the spindle off one of them to put on mine and I was back rolling. The part was covered under warranty. When I have damaged spindles on Scags I have had no luck getting them warrantied.

    I have run about 8 hours of time on it myself, being 6'4" I love the leg room. The cut quality is great. I hope that they come out with a Diesel in the Outlaw next year to replace my Turf Tigers.

    BTW, that rain keeps coming from the west and then goes straight north your way before it gets to us. So please blow it back this way. We did get some rain this weekend finally so I will stop complaining now.:dancing:
  6. Mike Blevins

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    Wow you definately are hard on spindles. One on a new mower and at least a couple on the Scags. Now thats being hard on some equipment!
  7. MJB

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    My local echo, BushHog, and Massey dealer called me last week and said he's a new Bad Boy dealer and the mowers should be in this week. He's already sold 1 before his first order arrived. I'm looking forward to seeing the line firsthand, and demoing a few.

    He got one of the BB offroad vehicles in and it is sharp, electric, 4 wheel drive, dump box. You can see the quality that they are capable of. I asked for a dealer last year was patient and now got what I asked for with the dealer I wanted 5 minutes away.
  8. grassman177

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    how does the outlaw ride over the ground as far as wheel stance and scalping compared to the scags?
  9. bradsd

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    Im a new BB owner and no doubt they are the most mower for the money on the market today. I am very satisfied so far, I just hope the company can maintain such a line of mowers at such great prices. The warranty is lacking and my deck seems to build up grass a bit fast but that is the only negitive comments that I can come up with.

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