Finally, that *%#@*$# customer paid.....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by justmjc, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. justmjc

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    It's been over 2 months since I've been paid by a homeowners association. I give them a 25 day window to return the payment and just finally, I get the money. I had called and called and sent them a nice, professional letter stating that I must impose a 30 notice before I seek legal action. The treasurer calls me up and explains that he has no time to run to the P.O. Box since the post office closes at 5 pm. NOT MY PROBLEM! He told me 3 weeks ago he wrote out the check, and he did. He didn't mail it for 3 weeks putting them over 2 months behind. That becomes my problem.

    Anyways, he tells me the situation and says he doesn't apprieciate being threatend. I said, your all caught up now and we need to make better payment arrangements and keep better communication. He mentioned it's not like it's 6 months late, so I explained to him that this is not a forclosure process. Pay your bill and we won't have any hang ups as far as stopping and starting work. If you slip on a credit card bill, that goes on your report as 30, 60, or 90 days late. You should be so lucky I'm not seeking collections on your account. I provide a service and I expect to be paid in a timely manner. Would you like me to service your account for 6 months without a billing? I don't think so.

    We now have alternative payment methods that should work fine and there is now an additional officer that can write checks out for the association. I do believe it to be a glitch, however, I HATE waiting on other people and dealing with their problems. But sometimes it takes an a-hole to straighten out one. I have the contract again next year none-the-less and they like my work.

    I guess someone forgot to tell me that I don't get paid in this business. It's all for the senery.
  2. m&m

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    oh i have had many a run ins with people who dont wanna pay in a timely manner.......they think because its not the house payment they can just pay whenever........ i have somewhat put a stop to it...only ones i let slide on it are the ones who are single and work out of town a lot......i u nderstand they are not there to check mail and write checks.......but i have had them for i know i am gonna get my money.......its the ones who work "8-5" everyday and are home at night i have to worry bout......i have went asd far as the legal action and i also have went to a house to collect a debt that was 5 months behind and i parked my truck and trailer in the womans driveway blocking her in and then went and rang doorbell....guess what, she paid,lol......besides , she wouldnt have left house that day if she didnt write me a ...good luck in future
  3. GrassBustersLawn

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    I had a guy (got rid of him at end of season 2 years ago) that ran a bar and was up all night. He got behind 1 month on me once. I was on his front door step at 8 AM on a SUNDAY and KNOCKED AS HARD AS I COULD until someone answered. He finally came to the door all bleary eyed and hung over. Told him I was here to collect. I went and got his wallet, paid me up in CASH. Told him if he didn't want to be woken up on SUNDAY again to keep CURRENT! He did.

  4. bob

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    Is that all! I've got one that hasn't paid me anything at all this year. I did their last cut today. I'm not worried about getting my money. if it was an individual business or homeowner, I'd be concerned.
  5. pcnservices

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    You're telling me you actually mowed that lawn for a full year for FREE!!?? You wanna come mow my lawn?
    I have a policy where every job pays for itself ie. my cost to do a job cannot be paid by another job or else I am not making any money from that job. Is that common sense? Therefore I have a written clause in my contract that states: if no payment is received 10 days after billing the service will be stopped until payment in full is received. And I dont care if it is a residential or commercial account. If they are a poor paying client they are most welcome to try and not pay the next contractor too. If he wants to mow lawns for free that's his loss.

    Good luck
  6. Lawn Dog2001

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    Good for you for getting your money. Its funny how people act like you are being rude, trying to collect whats owed you. I had a similar run in with a real estate brokerage this year, who thought I was being ridiculous over a two month past due bill. They seemed to forget that they are at lest two to three months late at every cycle. 2 more cuttings left for them this year, and they can find new service next year.:D
  7. creativedan

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    I have a business that sent me a check last month for a mow I did in May.
    Still have not paid for whole month of june then at the end of june told me they would not need my services any more (not because of poor quality but they couldn't afford me any more)
    Have tried to collect nicely but nothing so I turned them over to a collection agency last week.
    Still waiting to here?!?
  8. riches139

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    I will be starting my business in 2004. After reading the billing problems I'm seeing in this forum, it seems to me it would be a good idea on residential accounts to get a credit card # upfront.
    Even if you have no way at present to redeem it, the customer doesn't know that. They'll assume that you will charge their card if bill is not paid in a timely manor.
    No card, cash only.

    LAWNS AND MOWER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Ok Let me get this right. You send me a bill, I don't send you the $$ within 10 days, so I'm terminated? Sounds like you have serious cash flow problems. I consider it money in the bank when I look at my accounts receivable. I've been stiffed twice in 12 years, and for a grand total of $150.
  10. the scaper

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    i've dropped most of my slow paying/pita customers in the last couple months and still have plenty of good ones left. for the last few years i've bent over backwards for these people excepting their late payments , cutting off their service and restarting at standard rate upon recieving payment but next year is gonna be different. 15% interest due on monies owed after 30 days and service will be interrupted, upon restart a cleanup fee may be assessed depending on condition of property. upon 3rd late payment service will be terminated. hows that sound on the bottom of an invoice??

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