Finally Upgrading to Commercial Equipment

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Youngster, Jul 25, 2000.

  1. Youngster

    Youngster LawnSite Member
    from Texas
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    After reading a couple messages about the mowers at i definitely ruled them out. I really want/need a good walk behind so my uncle is gonna cut me a good deal on a Snapper WB. Its a 36&quot; belt drive with 12.5 kawi. I know its not a hydro, but it has been used very, very little, and he's sellin it to me for $850. So it'll be good for me to start with! Hey guido, if you read this.....I finally took all your advise and I'm upgrading to commercial stuff, slowly but surely. I'm only 17, but i figure if i start now by the time i'm ready to get serious in the business I'll have everything I need. So thanks to all of you who have helped convince me to go to commercial equipment. I'll have to do it one piece at a time, but I'll get there! <p>Youngster<p>----------<br>Cashin' in on Others Laziness!!!!<br>
  2. geogunn

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    from TN
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    congrats and good luck!<p>GEO
  3. Twotoros

    Twotoros LawnSite Senior Member
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    Dumped my little used C(sn)rapper last month . It too was a belt drive . I would never buy a belt drive again and nothing at all with the snapper name on it .
  4. MOW ED

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    Like I tell everyone, have the draler let you try the mower out for a 1/2 day or better yet - on all of your properties if you can swing it. You are putting out the cash and once you buy it you better be happy with it. <br>If you are having a hard time swinging the demo try renting it for the day. <br>Personally there are much better units than a Snapper which is really a homeowners machine but You are the boss. Don't rush find what you like. Good Luck.
  5. Grasscape Inc

    Grasscape Inc LawnSite Member
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    I agree
  6. Youngster

    Youngster LawnSite Member
    from Texas
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    OK, well, how bout ya'll give me the money for a better machine! Thats a great idea. My uncle is selling me this machine very cheap, and is allowing me to pay it off as i can. Now if ya'll wanna provide me with the funds for an exmark or walker or something i'll be more than happy to give you an address to send the check. I'm not trying to be cocky or rude. Sometimes you guys can make someone who doesnt have the resources to buy good equipment feel like $h!t. I'm sitting here happy that i'm finally getting a walkbehind and i share it with ya'll. I get on here to read the replies and everyone is saying its crap (except geogunn)! <p><br>Youngster<p>----------<br>Cashin' in on Others Laziness!!!!<br>
  7. MOW ED

    MOW ED LawnSite Fanatic
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    I have no interest in any company that sells lawnmowers so I could care less if you buy a reel mower or a Groundsmaster. This is a place where others give advice from experience. I do not want you to feel like shi% but I'd rather you feel like this now than later when you are $850.00 lighter.<p>You posted here for replies and I gave you one as well as others, these opinions are ours. Take it or leave it but dont get pissed at us for trying to help you.<br>No one wants you to fail.
  8. Youngster

    Youngster LawnSite Member
    from Texas
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    I'm not really getting pissed. I may have over reacted a bit earlier, and i apologize for that. But, what i'm saying is.....I dont have the cash to buy a better mower at this time. My uncle is letting me pay this off as i can, however long it takes. I'm hoping to use this mower for a year or so, or however long it lasts to make me enough to get a better one such as an Exmark Hydro or something. I appreciate all your replies and sorry if i offended anyone. Thanks for everyones help! Ya'll have all aided in making my business better!<p>Youngster<p>----------<br>Cashin' in on Others Laziness!!!!<br>
  9. lawnMaster5000

    lawnMaster5000 LawnSite Senior Member
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    belt drive mowers are just a big HEAVY ass push mower. That is over priced, even at 850 on your uncles payment plan.<br>
  10. Evan528

    Evan528 LawnSite Silver Member
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    my gravely belt drive i have absolutly zero problems with slipping unless its raining. Must be that the belt drive you used either had really worn belts or were not tight enough!

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