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I wish it would stop raining for a month. I haven't cut all my properties in one week yet this year.So far this month,7&quot; and its only the 12th.<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: gene gls


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Congratulatios on your rain! People are really starting to get ticked off at the meteorologist around here. Ok the weather guys on the evening news. They keep describing this a &quot;beautiful weather&quot; and hoping it &quot;doesnt rain out your weekend&quot;. Guess they havn't looked out the window and seen the trees already dropping their leaves from stress. The grass has gone dormant and the lakes are dropping a foot a week. They issued a warning that fireants are trying to get into homes now for some reason. Maybe looking for water I guess. Their mounds have all but dissappeared. Yesterday was close to a hundred deg and all week I guess it will be that way. I rarely see the competition out there these days cutting anything. But on a positive note it still could be a fair year if the rains start at the end of the of June. I know u are being flooded up north. This is the year of extremes and thats not good for anyone

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