SlimJim Z71

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At last I had a chance to use my new equipment! Ended up with about 3-4 inches of snow last night. The SnoWay performed flawlessly, ESPECIALLY on the commercial accounts. Had one incident with one of those dome shaped manhole covers... if I had hit that thing any harder, I would've been picking my teeth up off the dashboard. BUT... nothing broke! Tripped the blade so hard, it pointed one of the edge markers on the blade straight backwards.

The Pro Flo 2 worked awesome as well. Never plugged up, and just kept on going.

So far so good, now I just need some more snow!



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That is exaclty why you should use urethane edges. I purposely ran into a 1.5" high manhole cover to show a potential customer how well the edge works. He thought I was crazy, and when we hit it, we never felt a thing, and the plow never missed a beat. You guys think I am just trying to sell edges, when in fact I am telling you that a better product is out there, and it will save your truck, and equipment.

SlimJim Z71

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When I hit that thing, I instantly thought about what you've said about those edges. I'm thinking, as soon as I collect from my customers, I'll be giving you a call.

By the way, how much would a 90" edge for my plow cost me? Also, I've seen different colors and thicknesses. Do I get to pick the color I want? Thanks!



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I am interested in the urethane edge as well. If it works better than steel backdragging, I'm in. Backdragging is how I will have to clear most of my contracts. Please provide price and phone number on how to order. I have an 8' Western plow (old style). Thanks