Finaly!!! Tell Me If you think it is finished???

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Perfect touch landscapes, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. Perfect touch landscapes

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  2. Perfect touch landscapes

    Perfect touch landscapes LawnSite Senior Member
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    Take a guess how many hours something like this can take?
  3. LawnoftheMonth

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    That is a awesome site, i've spent years on mine and it doesnt come close to yours. nicely done.
  4. knox gsl

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    Wow, I think you're ahead of most of us on the company web site, its very impressive.
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  5. hawkerhino

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    Looking good :clapping:
  6. georgiagrass

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    Alexander: I think you are getting there. I like your approach -- lots of content. However, there is no excuse for the many, many mis-spelled words, formating problems and grammar or word choice issues. I know that not everyone was an English major, but if you are not up to it, there are plenty of qualified people available who will edit your content for little or no cost.

    Also, I found the home page to be a little busy. The frame with the changing picture and text at the bottom was annoying because it changes so often that I could only read about a line of the text before it changes.

    Did you choose to omit a section about you or did I miss it?

    Overall, good work, but the little things make the difference.
  7. Az Gardener

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    I also did not like the verbiage on the picture as I wanted to see the pic's. The verbiage seemed redundant. If its not the same verbiage throughout it is very similar. My biggest question is that all your work? That's my pet peeve with most sites they grab an image from wherever and post it on their site making believe its their own.
  8. Roger

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    Home page is waaaaay too busy. You need some hierarchy of choices. All the blog type entries do not speak directly to what you company does, services provided, etc. These need to be concise, clear and distinct.

    You need to have a very direct message early about what you do, and, most important, where you do the work. I can only find an address at the bottom of a very long first page. You need to be clear very early about the location of your company, and what specific cities, municipalities, counties, or whatever is the appropriate measure for your area.

    All the blog items need to be tucked away in their own area, not a home page kind of content.

    I didn't look further because much work needs to be done on the entry. If the entry isn't clear and clean, nobody will wander through all the rest. It is important to have all the supporting content, and an intuitive way to get to it. But, if a viewer gets lost on the first perception, all else is without merit.

    What are the key words somebody will use to find your site? When identifying these key words, will Google find them on the upper part of the first page?

    I suggest you work with a web designer who understands the dynamic of viewership, how viewers navigate content, and how to organize. There are many people highly skilled in understanding this. I think the average first-time viewer will camp on a first page for 2-3 seconds. If you haven't captured them in this time period, they are gone.
  9. domain311

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    My opinion...

    Seems to have quite a bit of info and some is a bit redundant.

    I also did not like the pics going so fast that you could not read everything.

    The text absolutely needs to corrected-thats a big pet peeve of mine and when I see that on a website or something similar, I think its totally unprofessional and is a big turn off. Honestly, that alone and I would probably lose interest and may look elsewhere. That's just me can have someone edit the content and that would make a big difference. Ever try

    Under portfolio I expected to see your portfolio of your past or current work-your pics. That should be changed.

    Under seasonal flowers I expected to see pics of flower beds, pots, etc. that your company has done after I clicked on it but all it brought up was more maintenance listings.

    Overall I think its a bit too busy and sorta confusing...was trying to find something that I saw previously and couldn't find it again. Was something where you had bullets and why to choose us sort of thing and a couple of them sounded unprofessional.

    Are your pics in the site? Would be a good idea to incorporate some if not.

    The reviews looked good.

    Sorry for being so critical...but just being honest. I know its taken tons of time to get it where its at, but I think it still needs to be tweaked and refined.

    I have one myself and after a couple of years working on and off on it I know I may not be totally satisfied with it for a while yet....its a lot of work to get it right, unless if you pay thousands to a good designer.

    Good luck with it going forward!
  10. lawnangel1

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    Some pics are very grainy. Use only high res images.

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