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financial possibilities starting out


LawnSite Senior Member
I was wondering what kind of money people make mowing, what kind of profit can i expect to make in a summer, month, week, or day. I've been doing alot of research and am trying to find out for sure if this is what i want to do. If anyone could give me some advice it would be great.

Touhey's Prime Cuts lawn service


LawnSite Senior Member
part of your research should be discovering if you can handle very hard work for three straight 10 hour days in 100 degree weather.

around 3 pm, when the day is the hottest, and you have several more lawns to go, sweat is pretty much running off you, your clothes are soaked, your back is hurting from running the trimmer, the blower seems to weigh 200 pounds, every step is a chore. really. you can't just call in sick tomorrow, because it is your business, and the lawns have to be taken care of or else the customers will drop you and you will lose your business. so you HAVE to go on. Thinking you can do it is way different from the reality of actually doing it. and a few hours here and there, even a full day here and there will not prepare you for having to do it day in and day out.

2 years of mowing experience, one of those as a foreman, with an established company would be very benificial to you. if you don't have the skills required to be hired as a foreman on a mowing crew, then you don't have the skills to run your own lawn care business.


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Northeast Ohio
The profit is all in how much you do. I'm sure theres some guys on here doing 20 or more a day as I used to when i was a foreman for a company but when I finally get my business all up and running I'm going to do 15 for a day and then 10 the next day because I only intend on getting 25 customers together. Its all in how many you have and the size of the lot minus gas/employee's wages and repair money becuase stuff breaks.