Financing a mower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TopQualityLawnCare, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Allright so my local gravely dealer is under remodel and is close till next week and i was needing to know this question so i can decide to finance a mower or buy a used walk behind. So last year i went to apply for a mower 0% for 48 months no down payment and i was approved but just needed a cosigner and i dont have one but now i have 2000 to put down as a down payment do you all think i will still need a cosigner or not?
  2. Get a co-signer, keep the cash, and use thier money....this is assuming you have adequate cash flow to make the monthly payments.
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  3. larryinalabama

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    If you have 2k buy a decient used unit.
  4. 205mx

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    I think you could use a few more periods.

    No telling. All up to the lender. I wouldn't borrow. Get on craigslist and get a mower in the 3500 range.
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    Buy used. No offense but if you only have 2 grand to put down since last year you probably don't have enough accounts to make payments on a mower and still be profitable. My old man told me one day when I was pissed that the starter on my first truck $1500. That the 300$ starter is better then paying 400 every month for a new truck.
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    Please buy used. Just starting out there is no need for brand new equipment. I would keep on Craigslist till I found something nice
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    ive got 4000 just going to put two for new equipment ive search a 4 hour radius around me trying to find me a mower theres nothing if there is there selling like hell thats why im going with new if im able to gotta call an ask worse they can say is no.
  8. z71tiger

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    I would suggest not getting into debt starting out. You are setting yourself up for failure. Get what you can get starting out. If this is your first year why do you need a new mower? Image? I'm sure there is something around you, may not be what you want but there is something.
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    yea i do know debt is bad an all but ive looked for over a week and the only thing i can find is a 2000 exmark walk behind no hour meter for 2000 that seems a bit much but i dont know.ive picked the worst time to buy a used mower which is bad on my part
  10. TopQualityLawnCare

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