Financing a mower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TopQualityLawnCare, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. z71tiger

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    Why is the size of my operation being questioned? No one knows the size of his operation but yet has no problem telling him to finance and bring a co-signer in!?! Does he have insurance that he is also going to have to pay monthly on? So if his mower note is 200 and his insurance is 200 not to mention gas and other expenses can he survive? We don't know. To you and I sure we can swing a 200 mower note so it seems like a no-brainer right? This guy may still be in high school and have 2 yards.
  2. andyslawncare

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    buy used with cash. A strong profit model does not include loan payments. Its hard sometimes, but we've been cash only for around 26 months and profits have multiplied since doing this.
  3. TopQualityLawnCare

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    no mower for me I've asked today which is fine going to find a used walk behind to get me started if I can find one
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    Go for the 0 percent and get a new mower.
  5. TopQualityLawnCare

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    Can't dont have a Cosigner or I would
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    Ive got a BOP 36" Quick single hydro in mint near new condition Ill sell for 1200$ includes bop sulkey, 16hp kawasaki rope start. You would have to pick it up.
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    Just finance it at 0%. What's the point in paying cash at that point? I know you can usually get 300-400 off if you pay cash but when you're shelling out 10k for a mower, Ill take the 0% and pay it off over the next 3-4 years. I finance all of our mowers. It makes it easier to track expenses and when the mower gets paid off I usually sell it and finance another one. Most of the larger companies on here finance their equipment.
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    Jeez! Take it easy. There are several variables we don't know in his situation but why would you assume he would have not been able to make the payments had he gotten approved?:confused: I wish him success. :usflag:
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    Best of Luck! Thumbs Up There are plenty of good used mowers to be found.
  10. TopQualityLawnCare

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    thanks everyone for the positive input and negative haha ill make a thread for mybusiness and a hour or so make sure to check it out and let me know what you think

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