Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by baddboygeorge, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. baddboygeorge

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    who is the best an easiest to get financing thru in the landscaping industry.who is the company that will work with ya even though your credit is not picture perfect .i would really like some imput on this ,tell me what ya think thanks george
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    Sheffield will loan to most people I believe. At least they should with the high rates they charge. I have always had perfect credit and can't understand why the lowest darn rate I can find on most equipment is 9.9% I will just continue to go to the bank instead of the dealer since they will loan to me for 4.50% on a 90%LTV home equity line.

    So george- I guess what I'm saying is go to the bank where you have your biz checking account and ask for money.

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