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  1. BladeRunner1967

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    After reading the forums for 2 weeks you guys have me totally hooked. I am doing a commercial property and one residential property because they are close to my house. I am in need of a commercial rider buy can not afford it right now. My question is with all the financing going on what is the best way to get a rider without any money? I am a real rookie who uses my Home Depot John Deere to mow. LOL. I am looking to trade this thing in and finance the rest. Could you guys give me some pointers? Also next year I'm going legit. I am thinking of calling my company name Blade Runnerz. I hear there is a manufacturer that is being sued called Blade Runner. Do you think customers will associate the manufacturer with my name? Hey thanks a lot guys these forums have been a great inspiration to me. BTW, I'm a big sci-fi fan if you haven't guessed.
  2. The C Man

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    Tip #1 - it's probably not a good idea to discuss names you think you'd like to use if you're not going legit for another year. If someone else from PA is reading the forums and he likes that name too, he can register it tomorrow and then you'll be out of luck.
  3. mjoaaa

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    Excellent point. Shhh.... Every business has to have a degree of secrets to protect from the competition.
  4. gr8cutter

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    We just financed a ZTR Gravely 34Z, a 16ft trailer, 2 stihl weedeaters, 2 stihl back pack blowers, 1 set of edge trimmers, and all the accesories. Got it from the bank with zero down and 8 percent interest.
  5. Pioneer01

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    Exmark has some attractive offers now, I just got a 60" LazerZ along with 2Shindaiwa T261 trimmers, and a tow behind Classon with 3.9% for 24 months. It sure helped grow my buisness without deleting my account before the season starts and it should be paid off in May.
  6. daveintoledo

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    if you have good credit, any dealer can finance you.....but.. you can not do a commercial proberty with out being legit first.... you have to have the insurance, when they find out, you will loose the account, and reputation points.... get legel FIRST ..and if they dont care... your in for trouble with them as a customer, next illegal guy that comes along with a lowes tractor will take the account next year when you have to raise your prices and pay for overhead...

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