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    When you guys get a new mower do you finance it through the dealer or do you go to the bank and get a loan? I think i am going to finance a Walker. Is Walker offering any good financing options that you know of?
  2. Littleriver1

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    Check with a bank for better rates. Around 10%, dealers around 14% to 18%. In the winter and early spring the rates and prices are better. Hold off if you can. You may find a good price on something nearly new in Jan. Scag steaks are hard to like. Lowballers have to eat too.
  3. Oldtimer

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    Walker doesn't participate in special financing for their equipment, however A&D Distributors who handles Alabama & NW Florida have is sponsoring a finance special thru Sheffield.

    Exmark/Toro is offering 3.9%, 12 months with no interest, and
    several other plans thru GE Credit. The LCO's who are using GE are enjoying 90 days with no interest for their open accounts with our dealership.

    Unless you are well established with a bank the rate will usually be more than the dealers can offer but all financing is risk based. If your credit isn't good then the rate will be higher.

  4. The C Man

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    Another option, look into a home equity loan
  5. Tony1045

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    Just got 3.9% through John Deere a few weeks ago. I thing this is one of their standard deals, not just a "Special". Tony
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    I used sheffield for my scag tiger cub back in the spring and got 0 payment and 0 intrest for 6 months, I cant remember the Intrest rate though, had 1/2 the money then and should have the rest in Oct when its due if no emergencies come up. Even if the dealer doesnt use sheffield maybe they can finance the mower for you and have a deal, I was surprised they take about 15 min to approve a loan not days
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    Exmark/Toro is offering 3.9%, 12 months with no interest

    I'm confused. Is it 3.9% or NO interest?

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