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Finders fee?


LawnSite Member
Ok, I go to a new car dealership that has yet to open hoping to get the lawn and clean up end of the contract. I was then asked tell you what can you handle it all. Sure, I tell them. I know someone that does the irrigation and landscape. What would one charge for a finder fee for a pretty large job? Would it be a % of the total or just a flat fee. When I mean landscape, as you may know it has to meet a landscape code set forth by the city for how many trees and what size they should be. If I had to put a guess on it I would say the landscape bill would be no less than 10k perhaps more, irrigaiton I don't have a clue.

What would be your suggestion to me. I don't want to step away from the job.


LawnSite Member
oregonia ohio
Ask your friend to give you a bid on the entire job and then You turn a single bid into the dealer. Tack on some padding for yourself and go at it. You are subbing out the irrigation and you will pay your friend. Dealer only deals with you and your friend keeps his bid quiet if he wants anymore work from you.:)