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    Ok, I go to a new car dealership that has yet to open hoping to get the lawn and clean up end of the contract. I was then asked, "tell you what can you handle it all." Sure, I tell them. I know someone that does the irrigation and landscape. What would one charge for a finder fee for a pretty large job? Would it be a % of the total or just a flat fee. When I mean landscape, as you may know it has to meet a landscape code set forth by the city for how many trees and what size they should be. If I had to put a guess on it I would say the landscape bill would be no less than 10k perhaps more, irrigaiton I don't have a clue.

    What would be your suggestion to me. I don't want to step away from the job.
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    best way is to call up an irrigation Co and tell them flat out the situation, let them make most of the money while you only get a percentage for making a phone call. Make sure the dealer knows to deal with them for problems/repairs though. Same thing with the landscape if you're not planning on doing it yourself.
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    This will give you a rough idea on the scale of what I am dealing with. some of the trees are going to be exchanged for something of eq size and scale. Also the sod isn't yet listed but guessing 80pal.

    Plant list

    Plant totals taken from drawing not plant list on plan.


    8 Drake Elm 11-13’ht 65gal.7-9’spread single trunk
    10 Red Maple 12-14’ht 65gal.6-8’spread 3-3 ½”cal single trunk
    28 Crepemyrtle 10-11’ht 45gal.6-7’spread ¾-1”cal 3trunk min.
    Tuscarora red
    2 Tree form Ligustrum 6-7’ht 30gal.5-6ft spread ¾”cal
    Min. 3 trunks
    3 Bald Cypress 11-13’ht 30gal 4-5’min spread full well

    *Pine trees on plant list will be exchanged*

    Bedding plants

    41 Aspidistra To be substuted for (too much direct sunlight)
    5 Azalea 36-42”ht 7gal. 34-36” spread
    Plant list shows 5 drawing shows 76 total plants
    5 Cleyera 36-42”ht 7gal. 30”spread full
    13 Sago Palm 18-21”ht min3gal may be larger to obtain height

    3529 Evergreen giant Liriope 4” pots full plants 18”

    *Bedding material pine straw*
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    your doing all that for 10k? I would assume most ritzy high end car dealerships have almost 30k in landscaping done to them, mulching, block work, large trees, tree costs etc, tons of labor, stones etc..??
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    At the time of the first part of the post I didn't have clear blueprints on what was going into the property. The post with the break down was after I got the plans and went over them with the owner. Looks like the bill will be right at 60k

    52500 for plants and materials
    7448 for irrigation

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