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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fga, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. fga

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    if you yourself can not do a job,( or don't want to do a job) and you give it to a friend who does, do you expect a finder's fee, or % of the job? i'm not talking subbing it out. you just give them a paver job, sod, planting, etc. what % would be expected if any? that goes both ways, if someone gives you the job, what would you expect to give them?

    I've given a friend a paver job, and have more on the way. he told me he's going to throw me $$$$, and to send them all his way. I don't do pavers. he's happy, i'm happy, my customer will be happy. and i don't lift a finger!! so I'm happy again.
  2. all degree

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    I do this a lot b/c I know a lot of people and can not handle all the work. Most Guys give me 10% or $100 which ever is greater
  3. EZTarget

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    i have a landscape company that gives me a 10% finders fee.
  4. two_planks

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    I'd say 10% of profit. You can't expect a finders fee on materials. I did a 6,000 sq' paver job last summer. Labour was approx $10,000 but there was $25,000 worth of stone and $5000 in other materials. 10% of the whole job would have been $4000 which would have left me having only $6000 to pay my labour etc with and I would have ended up paying him to let me do the work. I gave the guy who went me the job $1000 and he was more than happy and is now actively looking for work to send my way.
  5. EZTarget

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    true. good point.
  6. Itsgottobegreen

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    Same here. I trade work with a few guys. Like fertilizer work. Since I don't have a license. In return I get a lot tractor work send my way.

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