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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by lawnangel1, May 24, 2006.

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    First post on here so please be kind. I live in a city where there is a lawn care company on every corner. I currently work for a company that has found a nitch in doing high end apartment complexes and is doing very well in that venture. I think the only way to have a successful lawn care company in my city is to find some sort of a nitch I think I have found mine ...CHURCHES my dad is a pastor and i feel i could have a lot of connections throughout the city. Most churches around here seem to be a simple mow blow and go that i could handle very easily with my scag wildcat. Just wondering if anyone has done any work for churches in the past? Any advice is greatly appreciated

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    Small church = small congregation, odds are no LCO in the church but also very small budget. Read "pay is not good"
    Big church = Big budget -YES, oh, but wait, big church also means 3-4 LCO already in the church and willing to donate time at cost to cut the church. Read "pay is not good"

    Get on knees- pray for inspiration of another niche
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    I picked up a church this year doing just a new garden section they added last fall, they have an in-house guy do the rest of the grounds but have me do inside the garden walls. I plan on approaching them about doing the rest of the grounds later this year. They pre-paid the entire year which helps with cashflow at the start of the season.
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    I forgot to mention I am already doing 1 church with 2.3 acres of grass for 185 a week. (the director of the grounds comittee told me I was 1 of 3 companys that bid) if church accounts were BID and treated as normal commercial accounts it seems to me a weeks worth of these could be very profitable.
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    I must be missing something here as it has not been my experience that donation-based organizations are anything but tight with the little bit of money they (supposedly) have... Because I've given one or two estimates at a church and lets just say that $60 for one acre was the most outrageous thing they had ever heard of.
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    the word is "niche"

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