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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Bobby G, Feb 9, 2008.

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    My brother had terrific results on his 2-acre lawn putting down urea he purchased in 50-pound bags. (I'm thinking 1 bag = 12,500 sq ft.) Then he controlled weeds with a tow sprayer and Weed-B-Gone or less expensive, generic 2-4-d. I want to do the same.

    Any ideas where I can buy urea in bags (46-0-0) in Chester County, PA?

    Any any suggestions for:
    a good liquid broadleaf weed killer?
    crabcrass pre-emergent?

    Will appreciate any advice from the pros.

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    Urea is available at any farmer's co-op store(the places where farmers buy their chemicals and fertilizer).

    Urea is a hot, fast release nitrogen mix and is normally used in the late fall only. 1 bag in the fall covers 18-23K square feet at 1.25/1.0 pounds respectively nitrogen/K. If used in the summer can burn up a lawn and in spring you will be mowing every other day. In the spring use very little nitrogen something along the lines of 8-15% nitrogen that is SLOW release.

    For chemical as a homeowner I would use 2/4-d bought from a farm store such as TSC/Rural King/Orschelin's. The crabgrass preventer you might have to get from a Lowe's or Home Depot, you should be able to find 2/4-d there also but it costs more in a smaller container as well.

    If there is a Lesco store nearby you can find everything there as well as more detailed advice.

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