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    Hi guys, First let me thank you in advance for any help that you are willing to give.

    I have been in the lawn bus about two years and have had a hard time finding commercial accounts. It seems like here in NH only the big companies get them. I have all the equipment to handle small and med size accounts but don't know how to get the in with the property manager or owners. I have 25 res accounts and do really well there but I want to expand. I have done door to door, fliers, CL, BNI ( which has been great ), yard signs, news paper ads, and bus cards. What I'm I missing? I keep a clean rig, good employees, and professional. I usually don't ask for help at all but honestly I'm discouraged.

    What has worked for you guys?

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    If the residential side is doing well then you should keep going that direction. Commercial accounts are not all what you think they are cracked up to be. Usually the lowest bid wins and that bid isn't going to make the same return as a residential.
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    I am from NH too. And I also find that it is very difficult to get into the commercial here. I have two large sized accounts that we only added because we new someone on the inside. Commercial is good but then again it is a pain. It is good because it takes longer to do but then you get a bigger chunk of revenue from it. It is nice that I can stop at one place and make as much from it as 15 residentials in one place without driving and loading and packing up 15 times. it is also easier to bill one person for that much rather than 15 different invoices.

    Just keep trying, the best way is to approach them in person and give them a business card, or just call them. You have to be selective with who you try though. Some business want to hire another business that seems very professional and reliable that does quality work, whereas other businesses just want the bottom dollar lowest amount possible and they just change every year between companies because they werent happy. Its very tough to get commercials around here.
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    What works for me is to Google search for property managers in the area you want to service and call them up and see if they are excepting bids on there properties this year. I usually get between 10-15 properties to bid on doing this.
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    I totally agree with Orange mower. Plus on Commercial properties there is a much higher risk of accident, ie. people walking around, windshields ect.

    Commercial accounts dont interest me much.
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    Commercial work is a diffrent animal. Its all about who you know and building relationships. Getting work like that is about longevity. Company A: has been in business for 10+ yrs, lots of worked/trucks, and has a large book of business. Property manager knows work is going to get done on time rain or shine. Company B: in business for 3+ yrs. 2 guys, and a truck. Has a small book or biz, but no commercial work. Will the work get done, mostlikely. If it doesn't...who looks bad. The property manager. So they just stay with the old trust comapny they have worked with for 10 yrs.

    Also like eXmark vs. BOP. With eXmark you know what you are getting, with BOP you don't. It will take years for BOP to get the rep that eXmark has.

    That's the problem with small guys getting commercial work...
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    Thanks for the info guys.

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