finding customers later in the season

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by new2thebiz, May 6, 2004.

  1. Woody82986

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    I never have and probably never will.
  2. mjoaaa

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    Lowballing... Don't we all do it or ask for it some time or another. You may buy a car and wheel and deal. Show proof that another dealer is beating the dealers price to get a better deal.

    If you truly do a good job your clients will be committed, if you don't someone else will win there trust. There is no stopping it.
  3. fearbella

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    I never remove someone elses card or flyer. I just try to make sure the customer knows Im out there. If my price or service is better he will come to me. I wont lower my price to get a job and I wont bad mouth someone elses work. Sure that is one way to get work but I have this rule.....if you have to ask if it is wrong then it probly is. In fact Sometimes I have passed work to some of my competitors when im over booked or they feel Im too high.
  4. weedhopper

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    i found flyer left in a driveway of one of my customers that was $5.00 cheaper than what i was charging.but was not specific to which house that they were pricing so i just moved it to the driveway across the street in which the yard was twice the size as the one that they were pricing. would have paid $5.00 to see the look on his face when showed up!ever have that happen chevyman
  5. Fuzzster

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    I think "networking" and supporting your fellow lco's is a more professional and morally right approach. Not trying to steal the business of an honest working man while he is actually on the job. Thats just wrong in my book. Just my 2 cents
  6. turftammer

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    hey chevy man thats not a bad idea if the contractor is poor job but if there doing great work let them be because thre is a group of contractors that feel each other does great work &we all send work each others way so don't burn bridgeswith the flyer tactics but then again there is a contractor in my area that a lot of us would like to see gone because the majority of his lawns are half a##ed and a lot of which are elderly AND don't know who else to have do their lawn so the flyer thing might be fine in a situation like that

  7. Team Gopher

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    Hi new2thebiz,

    from mjoaaa

    This is very true, you always have to keep your name out there.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Watch for real estate signs and moving trucks. May June July are big moving months.
  9. EZTarget

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    in your customer's yards? :p
  10. GreenMonster

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    I don't think it's wrong to put your flyer on the door of a house being serviced by another LCO, but...

    I don't think it's fair to have a boilerplate flyer that says (paraphrase) "I noticed your lawn is not being cared for with quality". You can't be telling me that EVERY other LCO besides Chevyman is doing an inferior job.

    If I were doing a good job, and some clown told my customer they were getting a sh!tty job, I would probably get pissed.

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