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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Livinglarge, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Livinglarge

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    What is the best way to some help during the busy season??
  2. PTP

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    If you are looking for short-term help, consider a temp agency.
  3. Scapegoat

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    learn Spanish :laugh:

    I see alot of guys drive around with HELP WANTED signs on their trucks. You'll get lots of "applicants" if you just need some day labor thru the busy season.
  4. 65hoss

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    I get people coming up to me all the time asking for work. No thanks. They can do more damage than they are worth.

    I started training a few different guys several years ago. Some worked with me all summer, some just parts. It gives me the resources to call when we need extra help on certain days when we are doing some very big properties. The other guys working for me have worked with me several different times over the years and it now has given me a pretty good pool of employees and part timers.

    My advice is to find someone you know or comes highly recommended and teach them. It will be slow going until they learn but there will be long term benefits for years to come if you get the right people.
  5. topsites

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    If you've never had employees AND you do all the work yourself, then this may be a true test whether or not you ever want any.

    Here is how it works:
    - Put an ad in the paper and wait for the calls. Answer each call and tell each person to come in for an interview (give a time and date).
    - Some will show, some will not. Out of those who show, each one will tell you exactly what you want to hear and each one is (according to them) the absolute BEST worker in the whole wide universe. So, tell each one of them to show up Monday morning at 8am.
    - Come monday morning, you will have your one employee. If per chance more than one shows up, you can usually make the final decision at this time based on some criteria. If you ARE unable to make this choice, send them both out and see which one does better... Who knows, you might actually end up with TWO employees.

    It's not a joke, just another game of numbers and the usual bs.
  6. lawnandplow42

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    hahahahha nowdays thats not too far fetched

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