Finding good employee's, here's a way!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by J Hisch, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. J Hisch

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    when I was in the Marine Corps everyone below you knew how to do your job. We cross trained and studied about different jobs all the time, therefore if someone was misisng then you could still get the job done. I Have determined in our line of business we will never find good employee's. I mean never will we find the perfect person, to help us grow our business. So stop looking and give up. The only way to find good employee's is to create them. Take them from the ground level and make them into the person you want them to be, teach them how to run your business, and cross train. everyone in my company can run a mowing crew even if the crew leader on thats route is out. Business will continue. We ensure even the lowest man on the job can carry out task if he has to. Also thy will reach a level and maybe go at it alone, so what, even more rewarding. I have even offered to help former employee's to start up a branch in another location. I do however, have a need for a production supervisor, due to a back injury, we are trying to train one of our current employee's but it take a long time for that type of person to be developed.
  2. green_with_envy

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    Smart man! It is better to train and loose a person then not train them and let them wallow in crappy work and have them for years.
  3. Runner

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    I agree. You can instill skills and methods into someone, but you can't really instill ethics, morals, and work discipline into someone. There have been several threads on here relating to this, that it is better to have a good worker that is inexperienced and you can TEACH the methods and techniques than to have a bad worker with bad attitude that has 5 years experience running mowers and trimmers.
  4. Howard Roark

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    Good post!
  5. DynaMow

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    I can't agree more
  6. Josh.S

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    You may never find good employee's, but I dont think that its very hard to run out business... my guy could run the whole business except for the billing if he had to... all i do, is have the guy right down stop, end time, and date in our work orders, and mow the lawns.. and besides that just be nice to customers and alternate the stripe pattern...

    i mean of course there is tricks to everything like blowing off the long driveways while driving backwards with blades on instead of using the blower.. but still its not that complicated of a job..

    i could just print out route sheets and do billing and not even mow a lawn if i wanted to.. i would just make less money that way so i dont...

    What J Hisch stated is a good point... which is especially easy in a business like this..

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    I agree I'd rather train someone with no experience to do things my way then deal with some dolt with "lots" of experience...and I question why someone with "lots" of experience would still be willing to take basically a grunt job cutting grass...
  8. nobagger

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    I agree but even finding guys, or girls to even show up! or fill out an application in full, can be hard. I tried running an ad for help and I got, and this is no joke, 50-75 calls in less than a week and NONE of the the people who even showed up for an interview were worth my time and effort. I think that if you found some one you can train and who is a good person and worker your very lucky. I have two guys now but they can only do this part time , but between the two I am covered.
  9. noseha

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    if you can't run the crew then just give up! sell all your stuff!

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