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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lawn Works 1, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. Lawn Works 1

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    I know that many of you have had to hire people to help with the yard load. Is it hard to find good help? If someone applies to work for an Lawn Care Co do they usually know what they are getting into (Hard Work)? Do you all pay workers comp, or overtime? Saturday count as overtime in mowing business? I know a lotof you all dont like to help the newbies like me but thank you to those who do. It helps a lot.
  2. paponte

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    Workers are out there, You will have to train them most of the time. I actually would rather train someone then have someone come in and think he know's everything. Most of the time when someone tells-you they know everything you get stuck with all his bad habits. As far as overtime, I do not pay overtime. How I work is they are given a schedule for the day, based upon what I believe can be finished that day. If they complete what is on there I pay them for the day. They know if they complete the schedule, plus some... they can be paid for a day and 1/2. I call it incentive, and lately they have been busting their @sses. As far as Saturday work, I usually plan the weekend for lose end work. Everyone knows Saturdays are lazy, so we go out and finish up lose ends, then clean the trucks and equipment. Oh yeah, and yes we do pay workers comp, as well as 401K (for my full timers.)
  3. Haley Lawn Care

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    You could check out the temp services. BUT BE CAREFUL--if you want to use someone make sure they drive thier own car. If they dont have a car then all they want is beer money--lousy help. If they drive then they usually are good workers. Also the temps pay all insurance.
  4. E-man

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    Like it was stated before I would rather train someone new to this kind of work because you will teach them the way you like things to be done. But always check up on their references and past employers. Always tell and show them in detail what their job will consist of this way they will know what they are getting into.

    As for overtime anything over 40 hours a week is over time if we have to catch up on Sat. or Sun for some reason it don't start until they hit 40 hours.

    And yes put them on the books and pay work mans comp. if someone would get seriously hurt what would happen? You can answer that one yourself.
  5. iowapride

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    I find the best ones are the ones you train. I have a high schooler that this will be his 4th year with me. (Was 16 when he was hired). I had 2 retired guys apply for a job last summer. One lasted 1 day, the other 3. It was definiately more than what they expected and they were running a mower and no trimming. Not to say there aren't good retired workers out there. When I run an ad in the paper, since they start out as seasonal work, the majority are guys in there mid 20's to early 30's that have no drivers license or you can tell they spend too much money on other habits. I'm real picky now with who I hire and who I don't. I pay time and a half overtime after 40 and do pay in on workers comp. So to answer your question about finding good help, IMO, 10-15% of the time you will find good help.
  6. Sean Adams

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    Often times your best employees will find you the best help. When we used to hire someone, it would be on a temporary basis until the current and steady employees decided if he was a good fit....who would know better than the guys already in the trenches?
  7. PR0 TURF

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    What a lousy stereotype!! There are plenty of good workers who don't have a car. There are plenty of Mexicans around here who love to work but have no car of there own, just for an example.

  8. grshppr

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    I've always had good luck finding great employees. The key is, once you find them, treat them well, and they will work hard for you. I treat my employees with respect, and throw in little perks from time to time. ( buy them lunch, breakfast once in a while). They appreciate this and realize that I value their dedication and good work. I pay overtime, workers comp.
  9. Haley Lawn Care

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    I have never found any mexicans at the temp agency which is what I was refering to. And why do you call me lousy. I am just telling what happened to me in the past.

  10. PR0 TURF

    PR0 TURF LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I never called you lousy...i said your stereotype is lousy. I don't think that is true to say that anyone who doesn't have a car only wants to work for beer money. I really don't agree with that...from firsthand experience. I've dealt with numerous workers who may not of had a car, but that does not make them an alcoholic. I just don't agree with your statement.

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