Finding people who are taking bids on commercial property

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by southernlawn1, Feb 15, 2002.

  1. southernlawn1

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    What are some diffrent ways to find out who in your area is taking bids on landscaping? I use the good ole get out and talk to people and advertise some but it seems like other companies know who is looking and who is not. What can I do to find more commercial buisness. :confused:
  2. Bill Davis

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    The best way that i have found is to just get your business card out there and talk around. It takes several years in the business before you can typically get business. If you maintain a large church or something that gets a lot of traffic and people commenting on it the better chance someone will want you to do there business or home. Hoped i helped. :)

    SUNSHINE LAWN LawnSite Member
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    Although i have not pursued any commercial accounts as of yet, it is my understanding that property management companys would be a good place to start. Contact them with info on services you provide, list of references(with pictures and approval from those sites), and any or all other reasons why they would benefit from using you and your company. I have a friend in the paint, remodel, and general construction business that has become "friendly" with individuals who accept bids on these accounts and they decide on who gets them. He takes them out to lunch, dinner, sends them cards, etc. These property management companys also manage the grounds maintenance on thousands of accounts in this city and i would assume the methods used to obtain accounts are about the same. If you are a good as a salesman it will help get your foot in the door and allow you allow your company a higher probability of getting acceptance on bids you submit. I would drive around to areas you want to target and look for signs(billboards, on windows, street corners) for names and phones numbers for the property management companys for these locations and go from there. Another invaluable tip i have learned in this business is persistance, "if at first you don't succeed.... try, try again".
  4. Turf King

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    Watch the newspaper, in mine its the special notice section this time of year you will find commercial properties for bid.
  5. PAPS

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    I find with commercial maintenance bids, its all about who you know. Start calling up property managers, setting up meetings, go to sites and speak with facility managers etc. Just give out you card and brochures etc. Thats the best way to get work. Also, keep persuing, dont give up. A fellow landscaper that i do snow removal with finally got a snow contract this year from a company he has been mailing to for nearly 15 yrs. 14 yrs with no response, till finally this year... thats the way to do it.

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