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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by IanMcP, Jan 5, 2007.

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    I know there are a few people on here that focus on skid steer services. I am curious how you go about getting work from contractors backfilling foundations and grading lawns and similar things? I have heard of organizations you can join, and they inform you of work coming up so you can submit a bid. PLease tell me all you can. Thankyou.
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    advertise or get out the phonebook and call contractors and landscapers and tell them what you do and are available for sub-contracting and see what work they have for you
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    My philosophy about a skidsteer is you treat them like a big tool. I know some guys use them and make a living all day long, but I prefer the tool idea. How that goes is like a hammer or a paint brush, it's part of the solution on a project you bid on. Landscaping for example. You'll use the skidsteer to unload of spread lets say 1" rock in rock beds, or you'll use the machine to break up concrete and then the rest is done with other machines, or men, or wheelbarrows or what not. This way, I can charge like 300 to 400 dollars per hour for the machine but the customer doesn't know any better because it's part of a quote. Using them as tools really makes sense and doesn't pit you against dozens of strictly skidsteer guys who are happy to only make 400/day and then pay diesel, maybe an operator, a machine that is wearing out...etc... the road to the poorhouse in other words..

    Don't know if you believe this but it's 30 years of learning on the job... :waving:

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