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Discussion in 'Employment' started by emg35, Mar 11, 2019.

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    Chuckling at the undervalued, underpaid thing

    How do they know?
    There’s millennials in their 30s now
    You talk to them and interview them and they have the working experience you would expect of someone ten to twelve years younger.

    They’ve barely begun working
    “Took some time off”. from what ? The looming idea of work?

    How do you know what your value is if you’ve never held a job long enough to receive a promotion? Or heaven forbid deserve or EARN a promotion? Or even complete OJT at previous positions?

    Most retail chains have a 90 vetting process
    I’m looking at 30 year olds that have consistently not completed employment long enough to get through that time period and they’re writing this stuff on a resume acting like it’s “experienced”
    It’s a track record of failure, is what it is.

    Millennials don’t speak English
    They need a translator

    When they say “valued” they mean “coddled” when they say “pay” they mean “supported”

    Value is demonstrated
    Pay is earned
    Parents coddle and support

    When you leave the nest you take responsibility for yourself

    Each and every millennial I’ve encountered expects the corporation and country to be surrogate parents and then preaches “freedom”
    How can you be free if you don’t control your own direction... or have a drivers license for crying out loud!?
    Oh... having a DL is too much personal liability

    I’ve been told that numerous times.
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    :laugh: I won't say you're wrong, or that I disagree with you - as neither of those would be true. I will say, however, it is important to setup a business with recruiting, training, and retaining millennials in mind; whether it's liked, or preferred, or not, that generation is part of the future.
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    At one point in time
    The dark ages were the future
    People making the decisions that led to that were the same children that should have been spanked harder.

    History repeats itself
    Society will eventually crash a burn.
    Unless this generation are late bloomers ... they’re the crash test pilots.
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    The best way to find skilled lead employees is to poach them from the competition . And if that someone is good and they know it , you need to sweeten the pot , much sweeter than where they are .
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    See that’s a double edged sword

    A good employee doesn’t get there on their own
    They need investment
    Training , professional development, seminars...

    Why would you invest in someone who will just hop up the ladder to the next highest pay..
    I’ll offer more money to poach someone else’s training
    Now you e got someone trained to do things the other guys say and you’ve got someone who has no loyalty...

    Employees are only good once they’ve become part of the team and jive with the routine
    That doesn’t happen if they’re just climbing a ladder through you,
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    In Baseball there’s rules ... pretty much everyone plays the game the same way
    A player becomes more valuable to any team because there’s no secrets to what he does, just built up talent,

    A player only becomes a free agent when contract renewal agreement from his current club fail to meet his expectations and he thinks he can get a better offer elsewhere.

    I our professions things can be done very different ways in different companies
    It’s hard to explain if you haven’t worked in many places but you can’t just be the hot shot new manager and come in and “change” the whole company overnight because yoote here now.
    So... whatever you were doing at company x will not translate 100 percent at company y

    If you’ve been using timberline and peach tree and they are all about QuickBooks and manage 360, you’re not going to be ready to run the show the minute you show up.

    This why you have to be careful head hunting new guys
    Their ways might not be yours
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    I hear you . But one problem is , if the employee is a take charge , leadership type that can run the show . They can take that same skill to other construction industries real quick where the pay and opportunities and benefits are greater .
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  8. Mark Oomkes

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    It's not just California or the last 4-5 years.
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    Ted pretty well covered it.

    But sorry, I'm old school.

    Prove your value and I will appreciate you and pay you. It's pretty simple.
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    and there are many very bright and energetic millennials looking to get past the stereotype that has been placed on them.
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