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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Mark B, May 19, 2003.

  1. Mark B

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    Ok this one is for all you professionals. I think I'm at a point that I need to hire a good bilingual forman to help with some of my installs or service work. So where do you guys find that right someone? Thanks
  2. HBFOXJr

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    We are finding such help impossible to find in our area. Basically you'd be better off developing a quality individual from scratch. That will take a while and slow your growth. But it may be the best way.

    I have cobbled together training materials from various sources and am working on principles I read about in a book this winter about using the least skilled people required with set operating methods to get a task reliably accomplished ALL the time.

    My foreman and I have one in training and we we are analyzing and planning ahead as we go to keep him on track.

    We'll see how it goes and the man and the process just started last week. Don't ask me anything yet. Too early.

    But what I did was hire a 20 yr old kid that held a job in an auto parts place for 2 yr after high school and wanted to learn a trade. Also has a clean driving record.

    I think clean driving record or maybe one violation in recent history and some signs of previously stable employment of 2-3 plus years on a job are the beginnings of a candidate. Of couse they have to like working withtheir back, hands AND mind outdoors under all kinds of condtions.
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    if you spread the word that you are in the market to add one or two quality techs, you will find more labor than you need.

    this is how i pick up my techs. no more classifieds. post flyers in green industry locations, spread the word with landscapers and sprnkler companies.

    something will come of it.

    i guarantee it.


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